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January 1st, 2007

"I'll see you out in the water." and with those words I said good-bye to Kevin Rafferty. A simple line that only surfers can relate to. Universally understood from New England to New Zealand. "I'll see you out in the water." A comforting statement and something to look forward to. Kevin and his wife Natasha and their baby Kaleigh recently moved to Hawaii. I know we'll all miss them. But I also know we'll all see them again. More than likely, it will be "Out in the water."

So here it is, a New Year. 2007. We've said good-bye to some old friends this past year. Some forever, and some, just temporary. To those who lost loved ones, we hope and pray, that your pain from the loss will be replaced with joyful and happy memories. Like Mr. Dewsnap. Father, father-in-law and grandfather to local Surf Family Brian and Kim Dewsnap. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

And to all the others. May they all rest in peace.

And to those who have fallen ill this past year. We hope and pray that you all recover quickly and get back in the water as soon as possible. Like my man JG who was out surfing this past week with Mackey V and I. He was rocking on his Blue/purple Fish at the Wall and looking very stylish.

Speaking of that day...I have to say, I really had some fun out there. I know the surf was small, but dam, I had fun. I really did. I guess I really needed to go for a surf. And, I guess it's true about my weekly tag line..."Surfing heals all wounds". It does. Riding waves is great therapy. No matter what you're down about.

Go surfing. It does put things into perspective. I know it's not the answer to all your problems but it sure does put things on pause for a while and cleanse your soul in the process. Put me in a good mood. That's for sure.

I'm going to try and be a better person this new year. You know...calm down a bit. Think before I speak (or yell)...try and be more generous in the water. You know...I've said it many times before.

Give a wave-get a wave.

Now, I don't want you young groms to take advantage of my new found 2007 kindness by taking all the waves and dropping in on me. That would not be good.

So, Please don't test me.

I will try and keep the beaches clean. And I will point out to others who are too blind to see, that littering is a bad thing and that we need to police our beaches. And, I mean all the beaches, all over New England. In fact, all over the world. Let's keep it clean. I will show and give respect to those who have earned it. And I will point out to others, who are not showing respect, to those who have earned it, that they need to show more respect and love. You know, I'll educate you, if I have the time. It's just another way of giving back to the lifestyle we all love so dear.

I will work with the Lifeguards. I will pay the meters at the beach. I will share my wax. In short, I will try not to be so dam hurtful. I will smile more. Even if it hurts my jaw muscles. I will encourage other surfers to catch more waves (away from me). I will point out other peaks down the beach and suggest they surf them, because they will be away from me. OK OK ...I'm losing it here.

Seriously. I will be a better person. I know that life is short and we need to live and surf each day like it's one of our last. Don't put off calling someone you love to tell them you love them. Tell your parents, your husbands and wives, your sons and daughters, tell your girl friends and boy friends that you love them. Tell your pets.

There's nothing wrong with that. Telling someone you care for them. You'll feel better doing it, and they will too.

A non surfing friend of mine passed away on Christmas Day. And it got me thinking. I know we all have friends and relatives who don't surf. My friend John never surfed. He hardly went to the beach. Yet, we were close for many years. He would shake his head at me like I was some kid who never grew up. "You still go surfing?"

It's funny how many non-surfing friends we all have. I mean it's not like this Surfing thing of ours is some great secret or anything. It's not. Yet, I know more people who don't surf, than those that do. I'm sure it's the same for you. Unless you have eliminated all the non surfers out of your lives. Don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining. I'm just pointing (the obvious) out to you. Again.

Congrats to the New England Patriots for another Ass Whooping on the Titans. Whoa! They looked good. Now it's the Play-off season. Let's see what they really got.

Congrats to ED O'CONNELL for the YESTERDAY category of Pic of the Year and JOHN CARDEN for the TODAY pic of the year.

Thanks for buying my movie NORTH BY NORTHEAST.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday PIC OF THE YEAR 1978 Stan Bocko by Ed O'Connell
This photo was taken during a Winter Surf Contest in Northern New England in 1978. Don't know if Stan won his
division or not, but I do know that helmet had to win something.

Photo by Ed O'Connell

Today 2006 PIC OF THE YEAR Billy Ritchie by John Carden
This is the cover photo on the new North By Northeast DVD. It's a shot of Billy Ritchie pulling into yet another
hollow barrel from last winter. Great surfer. Great photo. Congrats to both.
Photo by John Carden

Today 2006 The Phantom Strikes Again with PERFECTION
These series of photos from last week comes from our West Coast Mystery man who gets his fair share of
surf and adventure. Enjoy these gems from our Westie brothers.
Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Empty perfection. Worth the paddle. Photo by The Phantom

(Above) UFO with no gloves...last week's perfect swell. Photo by The Phantom

(Above) What a beautiful photograph. Look at this shot. I'm jealous. Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Out the back boys! Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Somewhere very far from here and from there. Big board, small waves, no crowds equals BIG FUN.
Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Look at that reef outside just throwing over. Is this adventure? You bet yer ass it is.
Photo by The Phantom

Today 2006 Meanwhile back Home in New England...
Enjoy a couple of your hometown breaks one more time for 2006.

(Above) Drive by shooting....Photo by Brian Cassin

(Above) Tom Hay hitting the lip from last week. Photo courtesy of Tom Hay

Parting Shot " Hey guys I think I just pooped myself!"
Photo courtesy of The Phantom

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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