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December 3rd, 2006

Tis the season. Well, it's here, the end of the year. The first of December came in with a gust of wind and some rain and then followed it up with a little Jack Frost nip on the butt. Saturday was cold, but not as cold as they predicted. Still I heard some people complain. Are you kidding me? It's freaking December. It's about time it got cold around these parts. I mean, did you really think it was going to 70 forever?

Let's face it. It's 5mil time. Unless you're one of those hardcore types, who grin and bare it with the hooded 4/3. I guess if all you want is an hour in the water, you can get by with one. But for those of us who like comfort and marathon sessions. It's 5mil or thicker.

My friends, I believe Winter is close by. Come December 21...she'll be in full force. Then we all suck it up and get ready for the long haul. January, February and March. Oh yea bunky. It's all coming. Whether you want it or not.

Of course a bunch of you have already booked flights to the tropics. Not a bad option. Hard to beat tropical conditions when back home it's beyond cold and ice. In fact, I may be looking south my dam self. Somewhere warm like...Rhode Island.

Looking back on this past year I was surprised at the amount of decent surf we did get. Huh? Let me explain. I've been editing my new movie North By Northeast and it's all from last year. Man, we got some decent surf in 2006. Now, I know our Summer started off a little weak, but it ended with some decent Hurri swells. I know it did, because I've been re-living it all through this long tedious editing process. It was pretty good. Same with last Winter. We had surf.

Problem is, most of us had forgotten about it. Hell, I know I did. Once I started to see it again, it all came back to me. Head high surf. Overhead surf. Warm. Cold. Sunny and overcast. We had it all in 2006. We did.

Most photographers I know shoot more than they'll ever use. Joe Carter, Nevins, Carden, LaVecchia and the rest. They shoot it all and go through the process of elimination. I do the same. I shoot a ton of video and then go through it all looking them little gold nuggets. I shot a lot of 2006.

I'm hoping North By Northeast will remind you all what it was like. I've got some decent footage and some decent stills from my man John Carden too. It's funny seeing some of the same waves that we both shot from different angles. And visa versa. We're even featuring some local music by such artists like:
The Nor'easters, Jesse
(my nephew), King's Highway and Wicked Automatic. Local surfers and local musicians.

It will truly be a Northeast Production.


The Pats played the Lions today and I did a terrible thing. I didn't watch the game because I listened to the "Experts" who claimed the Pats would destroy the helpless Kittys. WRONG! The last communication I had with anyone watching the game was, the highly favored Pats were losing 21-13! Then I lost all communication. No radio. No TV. No cell service. I had committed a terrible misjudgment and was now paying for it. For sure, I thought they lost. These are the kinds of games they lose. The one's they are supposed to win.

Then my mind started in on the Voodoo thing. If only I had been watching. They would of won. You know the scene. The stupid superstitious crap we all have. I know you've all experienced this in some shape or form. Wearing your "lucky" hat or shirt to insure an outcome on some silly sporting event or something else. Like that shit works.

But yet, there I was, blaming this alleged loss on myself.
Like I actually had any kind of control over the outcome of a game on TV. And let me tell ya, It's not just stupid sports that we watch on TV either. I've seen it in the water. Oh yea. Superstitious surfers. They are out there. Trying to control the surf with positive and negative Voodoo.

I know this woman who was convinced that I was a good luck charm for her son because of something I said at a major surf contest. And this kid could surf. Her son did not need any good luck charms. He's the real deal. And he just recently won some major Surf Contest. I tried to tell her, that I am not a good luck charm and I have absolutely no merit as to how her son will do in a surf contest. I told her it was up to three things. The surf. Her son's surfing ability and the judges. She looked at me and said. "See you are a Good Luck Charm, that all makes sense. " I could only shake my head. Then I had to run away when the kid won. Yelling the whole way. "I had Nothing to do with that!"

Just like today. I had nothing to do with the Patriots game.
I found out later, they won And it wasn't because of me.
Or you. They win and lose on their own. We have no say in the matter. Unless you are in the stadium. But if you're sitting home watching, well...wear whatever you want, and do whatever you want. It does not matter

New Movie NORTH BY NORTHEAST to be released on or about Dec 7th. A full Throttle Hard Core Surf flick shot from October (Hurricane Wilma) 2005 Thru Last Week's November 10, 2006 V-Day Swell. With some killer stills from John Carden.

Please keep John Bocko and JG in your thoughts and prayers. And to Mike Moran, we're all pulling for you too kid. These are all just temporary detours and bumps in the long road of life.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1976 Vince Takes The Drop on his 7'8" Robert August
My buddy Jeff Crawford shot this one in New England in 1976. It was cold that day. But very lonely.
two others out. Photo courtesy of Jeff Crawford


Today 2006 More Northeast Thanksgiving SURF PHOTOS
These photos were all shot last week in the late November Thanksgiving Day Swell 2006
by Bob Constentino

(Above) Joe Hurley home for the Holiday. Photo by Bob Constentino

(Above) Joe navigates his way through the murky gravey. Photo by Bob Constentino

(Above) Joe Hurleyslowing down for something... Photo by Bob Constentino

(Above) Perry Stewart slices off a piece of dark meat. Photo by Bob Constentino

(Above) Perry Stewart cutting to the bone. Photo by Bob Constentino


Today 2006 More From The V-Day Swell
These photos were shot during the Veterans Day Swell 2006
by Chris Foster

(Above) Don't forget to thank a Vet for this wave. Photo by Chris Foster

(Above) Nice tapering wall with a view. New England Photo by Chris Foster

(Above) New England Photo by Chris Foster


(Above) Think he made it? Does it make a difference? He made it out. That's good enough for me.
Photo by Chris Foster

(Above) Such a pretty wave. Ahhh Good Ole New England Photo by Chris Foster

Today 2006 Mysto Spot. Any guesses?
This shot is from my Jersey buddy. I don't know if he took the photo or downloaded it somewhere.
Look he's from New Jersey. He's an Eagles Fan. He's all messed up.
A Free Cup Of Coffee to the correct guess.

(Above) Somewhere? Photo by Geoff Haenn


Today 2006 New England boy in ULU
Look Kadri is one of the best surfers in the Northern section of New England. Of course he's going to
kill it when he travels. How could he not?

(Above) Kadri Ulu Cutdown Photo of Kadri


Parting Shot -Man...this is CREEPY! Great Whitey in the impact zone
Look, we all know they are out there. You know it, I know it. The dam Sharks know it. My buddy from Cali
sent me this. It's a freaking Great White in the wave face. Northern Cal reality.
Photo courtesy of Scott Engle





































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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