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December 10th, 2006

We got hit with a little of the white stuff on Monday and some folks acted like the dam sky was falling. Had a few friends admit to me, that the first snow to them is depressing. Look I'm no therapist, so I can't comment with any conviction, about the inner workings of the mind, and how little things like a dusting of snow can affect you one way or another. I do know, that if that little dandruff of flurries, we got on Monday was enough to get you depressed, you either need to do one or two things. Move to a warmer climate. Or get on some anti depressant medication. Because bunky, this winter is just getting started.

We ain't seen nothing yet.

We also didn't see any surf this week. That was sort of a surprise. We've been getting pretty consistent surf for quite a stretch there. I guess it was bound to let up sooner or later. Besides, most of you are out and about nowadays getting all your Holiday shopping done. Most, but not me.

Am I the typical male shopper? Maybe. I do know that, shopping is not a sport that I care a whole lot about. I never have. Don't get me wrong. I go shopping. And some would say, that I almost over do it. I guess I'm what some professional shoppers "Impulse" shopper. If I see something, I think would be a good gift for someone, I buy it. I'm not one for comparing prices with other merchants. I'm a loyal customer, and basically, stay with what, and who I know.

No need to stray for this participant. Some of you older Nor'easters fans will remember, that I once wrote and played a song for the holidays called "Baby Stop Your Shoppin". That was a fun song. Except my baby didn't think it was that funny. Now baby, why ya gotta be so hurtful? Speaking of the Nor'easters. I used two of our old songs in my new movie (yes it's out) NORTH BY NORTHEAST. And guess what? They work. Who would of thunk it? My music, working, in one of my surf movies. What a surprise.

The movie is in the shops. And it will be available on this website and my other (surffreeordie) this coming week. There's lots of waves and lots of surfers in this flick. And besides the Nor'easters, I have some other great musicians contributing to this latest project. My nephew Jesse Ciarmartaro (yes he surfs, and yes, he's freaking so talented it's not funny), Wicked Automatic (Mike O'Neill's band of surfers), and finally Dave Cropper's own Kings Highway with other surfers Salt and Steve. It's a community affair.

North By Northeast in the shops!


The Pats laid down in front of the Dolphins today and basically went to sleep. The actually rolled up in cute, cuddly, little balls and dozed off for about 60 minutes. Or, they at least tried to get some shut eye. The offense might of had a nice peaceful nap, had the Miami defense not been so dam hurtful. I mean, they just would not let the poor tired Patriots sleep. You see, Them Dolphins, wanted to actually play football. They were not about to host their AFC brethren from up North, and have them take a freaking siesta on their time. They wanted to play Football. The nerve of them. Poor Tom Brady couldn't get any sleep with Jason Taylor running all over him. I mean come on Jason. Can't a 3-time Super Bowl Champ get a break? It was dam near 70 degrees there today. Our New England Champs thought they wuz on a vacation. Hell, they had to have been drinking all kinds of exotic drinks on the sidelines. No wonder they were so sleepy.
Final score 21-0...

Oh well...maybe TEXANS, the team they play next week won't be so aggressive. Our boys need to be treated a little kinder when they play on Sunday. So a message to the remaining NFL teams playing the Patriots...go easy on these guys please. It's hard keeping those dam uniforms clean every week.

To quote Tom Brady last week. "Better to win ugly, than to lose ugly..." What's the quote this week Tommy?
"Better to be handsome than be ugly?"

Look I love the team. I love all New England teams. I just want them to play to the best of their ability. Or, the best of their bank account.

OK my New Movie NORTH BY NORTHEAST has been released. I apologize for the delay. But it's out as I write this. It is (by my own account) a throwback to my old school of filming. You know, just Hard Core Surfing. Period. I shot it all from October (Hurricane Wilma) 2005 Thru the Veterans /Marine Corps Birthday swell. November 10, 2006. Our local lensman John Carden adds some killer stills too. I do have a nice WipeOut extra on the DVD for those of you who like that kind of stuff. But mostly, it's good to HOT local surfers surfing the best we get around these parts and beyond. Oh and it does feature some very HOT surfers from down south. I already mentioned the music connection

Please keep all of those who are in need of any kind help in your thoughts and prayers again. Especially,John Bocko, JG and my mother. And another BIG SHOUT OUT to Mike Moran. Mike I've got some GREAT footage of you in my new movie. You will dig it my brother.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1986 Billy Heading Away from the Pack
Billy Ritchie has been surfing for quite sometime. He's always been a standout. He is featured in my new movie
and some of the waves he gets will make you sit up in your seat. Big and mean and Billy thrives in that kind of shit. He's a true New Englander who likes it when it gets meaty.

Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2006 North By Northeast
The Poster for the aforementioned new local Surf Flick by Ralph Fatello with Still Photography by John Carden.
* Note That's Billy Ritchie in the Barrel on the top right side. That's the inside section. Oh yea.
Surf Free Or Die Productions

Today 2006 New England Boy Gone Westie Coast Boy.
Kyle Howard's brother Corey sends me photos with no message or email. No tags, no nothing. You know,
figure it out yourself Ralph. Good thing I recognize your little brother's style Corey. I can see why he didn't write
anything. These waves are sweet. Kyle looking good on the West Coast. Photos by Corey Howard.

(Above) Kyle Howard looking like he's in New Zealand or something. You little shit Kyle! That's a great shot.
Photo courtesy of Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle Howard coming hard off a shallow bottom turn into a green emerald section. Sweet!
Photo courtesy of Corey Howard

(Above) Unknown in the emerald room.
Photo courtesy of Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle Howard bouncing around a green funburger with older brother Corey snapping photos, while
Uncle Robin makes lunch plans on the beach
Photo courtesy of Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle Howard clean and green. It's been cold and gray back home Kyle. *Got some of your waves in
my new movie NBNE while you were home visiting last summer.
Photo courtesy of Corey Howard


Today 2006 More From This last Fun Fall
These photos were shot during Fall swells 2006
Photos courtesy of Big Corey Roy

(Above) Corey snaps the neck of a two foot beach break wave. Corey's a big boy. I have him on a couple of Big
Waves in my new movie NBNE. He don't look so big on them.
Photo courtesy of Corey Roy

(Above) Corey killing it. I mean he did kill this poor wave. Photo courtesy of Corey Roy

(Above) New England? Ha! Nope it's Pipe. Photo courtesy of Corey Roy

Today 2006 New England Reflective Scenes
These photos were shot by local surfer/dad/husband/director/carpenter/artist during last Fall by Lenny Nichols.
Yes, he's in my new movie NBNE. I mean he can surf. He's been doing both photography and surfing for as long
as I can remember. These mirror/reflective images are beautiful to look at. Oh and Lenny is a Dolphins fan.
He's one happy Fish this day. Beeen a fan since I've known him. Long Live the 72 Dolphins!
All Photos by Lenny Nichols *Any information on obtaining prints call Lenny's cell (603) 944-2418

Today 2006 More From The West Coast
This photo of my buddy Rocky Vanucci was taken this week somewhere in Northern Cal. His late father was
actually at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7-1941. Rock told me he used to call out "BATTLE STATIONS! BATTLE STATIONS!"
every December 7th. I salute your dad Rock and and all the other brave Americans who serve this great country of
ours. Photo courtesy of Rocky Vanucci

(Above) Big Red and Rocky taking the slide.

Today 2006 Jalama Friday December 8th 2006
This shot says it all. Yep. The West Coast gets some serious shit.

Photo via the Phantom


Parting Shot The Last Photo this guy ever took
. Think this guy survived this situation?
Photo courtesy of Gunny Mike















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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