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August 6, 2006

We just experienced some of the wackiest weather I've ever seen this past week."Micro Bursts" is what they call 'em. Some of you are calling them Tornadoes. Whatever they are, one thing's for sure. They are quick and violent. I'm surprised no one was seriously hurt. People lost power up here on the Seacoast, but nobody got hurt (that I know of). That Micro Burst caught me off guard. I mean, that thing blew up like a bomb or something. It was wild. Wind and tree limbs gusting through my yard. Thunder and lightening playing a symphony against nature's wildest and loudest, all to accompany this strange phenomenon.
It was such a rush to witness it all.

It's been one, strange year, for crazy storms so far. With two bona fide Tornado sightings earlier this Summer, and that wacked out hail storm that killed a bunch of motor vehicles over in Exeter, New Hampshire a couple of weeks ago. It's safe to say, that we are experiencing some kind of Global warming, or some other weird weather oddity. Don't you agree?

It would be one thing, if them Hail Storms, Tornadoes and Micro Bursts gave us waves, but they don't. And if that's not bad enough, the third Tropical Storm of the year (TS Chris) petered out and died after getting us all jacked up on the possibilities. What happened Chris? Was it something we said? Was it something we did? Or...was it something we said we did? I mean all news stations were breaking away from the fighting in the Middle East to give us updates on TS Chris. They were all giddy with the potential for this thing winding up and causing all kinds of damage. Especially seeing how the track was taking Chris right up the gut of where Katrina and Rita hit last year.

And then, without warning, it hit one of those large Islands down in the Caribbean, and it just lost it's gusto. And as fast as it came, it died and went away. And here I was, fantasizing about riding my new Rusty, from last Summer, oh well.

And, I just read two days ago, that the Hurricane Experts are NOW changing their minds about the number of potential storms this summer. They're saying less storms, with far less bigger storms are now predicted. Great, more good news.

Summer 06 is not shaping up to be what last Summer was like. I know it's far from over, and that we are really just getting into the Tropical Storm season but....I don't know. I guess we'll wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, do what you have to do to stay in shape for when it does hit. And you know, it's going to hit eventually. As hard as it is to do in the Summer, get all your little side projects done now. Be smart. Utilize this down time to get your act together. Mow the lawns, paint the house, clean the garage (wait did I just write that? My wife reads this and I'm in trouble). But you know what I mean. Get the boring, not so fun stuff done now, don't put it off and have to do things when the first BIG swell hits.

Don't be a Tropical Storm Fool. Get your s_ _t together. It's Stormcastic!


Yesterday was a special day for the New England Surf community. There was a FUNDRAISER For one of our own. Bob Pollard, a South Shore Surfer, owned and operated, Levitate Surf and Skate, passed away last month. Bob was also a husband and a father. The community at large came together, with many of the key players, donating all kinds of surf related material. From surfboards, wetsuits and clothing, to DVD's, art work and T-shirts. And a whole lot more. It was a good thing to do.

Some people have asked me if I knew Bob. I didn't. However, there's a pretty good chance, that we crossed paths somewhere along the way. New England is not that big. And I've surfed and traveled all over here. From Maine, NH, MA (including the North Shore, South Shore, Cape and Islands) to Rhode Island. There's a good chance we passed each other. He sounded like a great guy. The fact that he would hoot, total strangers, speaks volumes about what kind of person he was. I mean think about it. How many of you have ever hooted a total stranger? Be truthful. I bet not many. Truth be told, I've hooted a few strangers in my time, but not nearly enough. It's our society of jaded, 'seen it all' attitudes that surfers seem to gravitate towards. No, I didn't know Bob personally, but I know people like Bob. We all do.

And it's that reason alone, that made me stop and acknowledge him during this time. Bob was a father and a husband who loved to surf. I know hundreds of Bobs out there. My God. Can you imagine what it would be like if someone you knew (like Bob) was suddenly taken from us? Surfing is a very special lifestyle. It's the bond that we all have in common. And sometimes, we take it for granted. Sometimes, we take our friends and family for granted as well. Now, I don't mean to get preachy here but, it's times like this, that should make all of us stop and take it all in.

How many times did you regret having not told someone that you love them? Or helped a friend out? Or for that matter, helped a stranger out? Or, for the really blind among us. How many waves did you give to your friends or strangers during that last swell? Look, we're all guilty of it. We eat, sleep and drink this thing we call surfing. We watch videos, wear the clothes, rant and rave on surf forums, and bitch and complain about everything under the sun. It's part of our make-up. This love-hate thing we all have. Then something like Bob's passing happens and we stop and pause for a while and reflect on what we have. Then, before you know it, we're back to our old ways.

There's really no secret to living a good life. It's really quite simple. Be good to each other. Take the time to lend a helping hand. Like you all did yesterday at the Bob Pollard Fundraiser. I'm sure his family and friends truly appreciated what you've done and are thankful for all your support, your thoughts and prayers. Thanks to all who helped out.

Thanks again to all who have picked up my latest movie. I'm hoping for a BIG swell to shoot this summer. SUMMER 05 Promo poster. The movie's in the Shops and available at my other site

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1976 Jay "The Rat" Hammer's trademark Kick-out
Think about the kick out for a moment. How many of you have actually put together a trademark kick out?

I bet not many. My friend Jason here had this classic kick out. There was no mistaking his kick-out.
Jay is an old Hampton Surfer who moved to Hawaii a long time ago. He comes home to visit usually once a
year. This year is different however. Jason is a Lt. Col. serving in IRAQ. He's been in the US ARMY for a long
time. Stationed in Hawaii, his unit was activated and they are now somewhere in and around Baghdad.
Please keep Jay in your prayers. And if you get to read this Hammer, "Keep your head down. Don't bunch up.
And when you get back, you can have any wave you want when I'm out there. And I'm sure a few of the other
old crew will do the same ."
Photo courtesy of Jay Hammer.

Today 2006 The late Bob Pollard...cruising down the line
This photo of Bob was taken in 2005. I believe it was from some Classic Long Boarding contest. This is a
classic pose. It's obvious that Bob had a sense of humor. Rest in peace Bob.
Your friends and family miss you
and you will see them all again in a far better place than we are now.

Photo by Claire Hassett courtesy of

Today 2006 A few shots of a spot way, way, North of here...
Where is this? Be serious kids. I can't tell you that. Remember what I always say..." more
important than knowledge." Can you get there from here? It all depends on where "here" is. Here's a hint. It's not
in the United States, but, it is in North America. Happy hunting. All photos by Nick Val

(Above) Is this what they mean by a "Perfect Left"?

(Above) this a "Perfect Left"?

(Above) North America's version of Restaurants.

Today 2006 X-Games in New England?
John Carden's getting bored waiting for the next swell, so he's giving bowl riding a shot...ahhhh Johnny, you don't
really want me to say anything here do you? I can't be hurtful today. Speaking of which...get a helmet. That's the
only brain ya got. All photos courtesy of John Carden

(Above) Johnny takes the drop...and in his mind, it's Backdoor Pipe. But in reality....

(Above)'s a painful skateboard ramp! Ouchie wah wah!

(Above) In your face PUNK!

Today 2006 The Phantom Strikes GOLD Again!
The mysterious Phantom and his Phantom gang strike hard at a Krumpland's heaving Left..
Photos courtesy of Kaptain Krump and the Phantom

(Above) Krumpmashers looking gutsy as it does lonely. Just the Kaptain and his Krew..

(Above) Rocky is that You at Krumpmashers? Is that the Kaptain out the back?

(Above) The Phantom's victorious return...

Today 2006 Is it cold? Is it worth it?
An unknown strolls into the water sometime last week. Was it one of those freezing cold water temp days
or a rare warm one? Hard to tell. It was however, low tide...of that, I am sure.
Photo by Tara Lenharth

Parting Shot -Dog Days of August are here...
Madison (who looks like a disgruntled Chewbacca) gets one to herself. Good girl Maddy! Good girl!
Now go fetch us some real waves.
Photo by Debra Kemp











































































































































































































































































































































































































































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