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August 20, 2006

It has become increasingly apparent to me, that my son Max and I are not on the same page when it comes to surfing these New England waters. Now don't get me wrong, we are still best friends and have ourselves the best of times in everything we do. However, now that he's getting closer and closer to the dreaded age of 16 and he's changing physically in front of my very eyes, he wants to surf places that I don't. In other words, Max would rather surf in a crowd, with all his buddies banging rails with everybody in North America, than surf alone with me. He likes to get in the crowd, and mix it up. And God forbid if I happen to be on a Longboard. That only adds to the tension. I knew this day would be coming, it's just that, I didn't see it coming for quite sometime. Like maybe never.

Hey, Lil Ralphie was 16 once. I know what it's like. I remember thinking that my dad (at certain times) could not be very cool around me and my friends. But, my dad didn't really surf. I mean, he loved the ocean and all, but he was not a hard core surfer. Like me. I'm still very much into surfing. I still eat sleep and drink the waves. Max knows this. But he'd still rather surf with the crowds. You know. I say "Rights" and he says "Lefts."

I will find myself out in the water trying to motion him discreetly to paddle over to where I am. Of course, he pretends that he doesn't see me. And when I do get his attention, he's usually paddling for another wave.
He and his buddies, Jesse, Casey, Kody and Fresh are trying to constantly push the envelope. Every now and then, I'll look up and see one them pull off a 360.
H-m-mm. Look, I'll never do a 360. At least not intentionally. And as far as getting air? I don't think so. I'm from a different era. The closest we ever got to getting air was the extended floaters. The thought of me launching myself up and out of a wave in 2' of water is a frightening scenario. For sure, something will break. And it would hurt. I don't want to get hurt surfing. I want to have fun.

Usually on the ride home, we'll both claim that the waves that each of us had was better than the other's waves. Of course, I am right and he's wrong. I mean I'm the dad. I must know more than he does. Right?

One thing's for sure, as long as I'm still driving him to the surf, he'll have to at least put up with where and when I want to go. Of course, there's always his mother driving him and his sister. And Dougie Fresh...dam.

Maybe if I work on my 360's I'll be cool again. Maybe if I launch an air at the Wall tomorrow morning I'll redeem myself in the eyes of the Young Groms.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Actually, as long as I keep making Surf Movies I'll be hip to him and his friends. They ain't gonna burn that bridge.

By now, most of you have woken up to the fact that we have waves. Granted not very big. But there's something to push you around out there. I hope you got out. Cuz if you didn' will be gone come morning. Hey it's New England and it's Summer. There's no guarantees out there. You know that.

The rule of thumb to surfing around these parts in the dead of Summer is simple.
Surf comes up-Go Surfing.
Wait for it to get better-You won't be Surfing.

Got it?

One of the hardest parts about being a New England surfer is, having friends from other consistent Surf Locales pay you a visit. My friend Doug and his wife Robin flew in from California today for a short visit. He's seen most of my movies, so he knows what kind of surf we can get. Of course, that's the hard part. Because you all know, that there's no guarantees that there will be surf. Ask poor Lenny Nichols, Director of the ESA-NNE District who's only had one surf contest all summer due to lack of surf. I mean, it's a bona fide Crap shoot at best. Doug has been emailing me all Summer long hoping to get some Surf like the surf I shot in SUMMER 05. I of course, was trying to let him know that this Summer has been sort of a letdown. I was depressed all week. There was nothing on the horizon.

So when they showed up today, I was excited because we had a little waist to chest high swell running. I was trying to be discreet and cool by letting him know, that we really should be hitting the surf now, as in RIGHT NOW. But the Californian mindset got the best of them. They just figured they'd surf on Monday. Well, that remains to be seen. However, it's not looking good. You know it and I know it. Too bad my Westie friends don't know it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but I'm not expecting much. Oh well.

It's just that I've been dying to get Doug and his friend Jeff Chamberlain and company to come out here to surf forever. I'd send them all my movies over the years, and they read this column every week, so they know what we get. Or rather, what we can get.

Although I must say, whenever Kyle Howard comes out to visit from the West Coast every Summer, his luck is 100% on. He's hit it better than anyone I know. Lucky? Or something bigger and better watching over this golden boy? My guess is, it's the latter. He's earned it.

Hey I'm sorry about the Red Sox losing like they did against the evil Yankees. It don't seem right to get spanked that bad. But the Patriots looked good last night. Real good. The running backs were having a field day on the Card's weak defense. Maroney, Dillon, and Falk are a formidable threesome. The kicker Gostkowski looked great...(Adam who?) And we even got a sneak preview of Junior Seau who was wearing Willie's old number 55...although he didn't play. The defense looked pretty good too. And with the return of Bruschi and Harrison back by Regular season they should be fine. The Deion Branch holdout didn't seem to matter last night. Although, he's clearly the number one receiver the Pats have. Lord knows how much Tom Brady thinks of him. But, Watson and Childress looked good. Brady was great. Cassel looked good too. Hell, they all looked good. It's dam near football season people! And that has to mean...SUMMER's almost Over! The Tourists will go home! The surf will come back and we'll all live happily ever after. Amen.

On a sad note. All of us from Cinnamon Rainbows want to extend our most sincere sympathies to Bridgett Fleming's family to the recent loss of Bridgett's mother. May she rest in peace with her son.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback on SUMMER 05 The movie's in the Shop and available at my other site

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1970 A Doctor Day at The Beach
Ed O'Connell's photos come across my computer every six months or so. I know when I get something from Ed,
it's going to be good. Ed is old school all the way and he's no doubt sitting on a vault of old photos that he's taken
from back in the day. I was not disappointed. Here's what Ed wrote: Ralph: Your photo of Dr Mark Henschke
last week reminded me of a July 1970 photo I took of my friend Dr George Hutchins (who once recommend
Dr Henschke to me). George wasn’t a doctor in ‘70, he managed the York branch of Surfer Crow Surf Shop summers and worked on the Sea Hag, a 40 foot dragger out of Rye harbor in the winters, before medical school. George still surfs today and specializes in emergency medicine at a local hospital’s ER where
hopefully no local surfers will need his services.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

Today 2006 Scenes from Today The 20th of August
These photos were all taken Sunday in New Hampshire. Here we see Doug Hendry pointing out to his Westie
friends back home (especially Kaptin Krump), that he's here in Eastieland and there is sur
f. Now, that's what
Doug's talking about.
Photos by R. Fatello courtesy of SFOD

(Above) Look Kaptain, they gots Rights!

(Above) And Lookee here Kaptain, they gots Left's too!

(Above) Doug and Robin celebrating 28 years of marriage today. Congrats you guys and welcome to New England!

Today 2006 Scenes from This week in Northern New England
These photos were all taken on Tuesday August 18, 2006 somewhere in the in Northern New England. Ben and
Nick sent these in and because the photos are not labeled I don't know who's who except I think Nick is the
regular foot and Ben is the Goofy.
I do know that Liz Harmmon took all the photos. Photos by Liz Harmmon

(Above) Nick cuts one loose in the Northern juice.

(Above) Nick lets it all hang out ....especially his tongue.

(Above) Ben gets a hole but does he see sunlight?

(Above) Ben slicing and dicing.

(Above) Nick blasts one for the Summer of 06.

(Above) Nick gets a clean face on a ragged leg...what happened to your suit Nick?

(Above) Nick extends his Summer by slapping a nasty Summer Lip.

(Above) Ben smooth bore turn on a fun little peak.

Today 2006 Another way to beat the Summer Doldrums.
Hey this beats doing nothing waiting around for the waves. Improvise and adapt.
Photos courtesy of The Reynolds family


(Above) Sara smashes a shorebreak ripple...

(Above) Ryan slicing across the lake Atlantic.

(Above) Perry Reynolds is saying..."Whatever...I got the waves of my life this summer in Costa Rica. Everything
else is just frosting on the cake."

Parting Shot -What the...? A Man with some issues...
What does this have to do with surfing? Nothing. Except I was in a vehicle with 3 other surfers when this dude
drove by us on RT 95 . I don't know what's going on here, but, I had my camera with me and shot this photo cuz
I knew none of you would believe me if I told you.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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