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August 13, 2006

OK this is getting a tad tired. Enough already. Are we being PUNK'D or something? Where's the dam Surf? Even the Jetstream is all askew...there's nothing moving off the coast of Africa. Nothing coming from the West. Nothing in the Caribbean. Nothing nowhere. No wonder we're all getting a little testy and restless. The Groms have taken up Boat Surfing, while others are hitting the skate ramps and parks. Me? I'm getting work done for sure, but my tan is fading and my surf muscles are lax and unresponsive. It's all setting us up for a big swell. Can't you feel it? We'll all be out of shape when it does hit. And we'll all be overamped and won't be able to pace ourselves.

This my friends has all the ear markings of a total widespread Surf disaster.

I think we need to all just back up and regroup. We need to stay focussed. The Surf is going to come. Surely we all know that. We just need to relax, and take this all in. We will all be surfing again. Trust me. It's coming.

Meanwhile, I had the unfortunate pleasure of listening to a friend tell me that he had just returned from Oahu where he lucked into the Biggest south swell of the season. This same friend, had also lucked into the biggest swell to hit Costa Rica in years last month. But, that's not the really hurtful part. He looked me in the eye and said, "I should be good for another week." Huh? Are you shitting me? "Another week?" I asked. "Please, don't lay that bull crap on me and all these other wave starved surfers who were within earshot of this absurd comment. "You know what I mean" he said, "I won't be really Jonseing for surf for at least a week." "Oh, I know what you mean" I said shaking my head." I know exactly what you mean, you insensitive freaking wave hog."

Some people.

Do us all a favor kids. If you happened to be fortunate enough to travel this summer, and got to score great waves, please be discreet in front of those less fortunate than you. Because, we don't really want to hear about your surf exploits. Well, put it this way, we don't want to, keep hearing about it. We're happy that you scored. Just keep it to a minimum. You know what I always say...Imagination is more important than knowledge. Spare us the gory details.

And if all this lack of surf wasn't bad enough, I still keep seeing images from TYRE Lebanon and I swear to you my friends, there has been consistent surf pouring onto those beaches. Granted it's not Puerto or Fiji, or some CR break, but there is surf. More surf than what we're getting. The only downside, is the bombs and rockets that keep slamming into the homes just yards from the break. Would you risk getting hit with shrapnel for a few waves? H-m-m-mm. Maybe. It all depends how accurate the Israelis are with their surgical air strikes. Put it this way, I wouldn't let my kids go out. I'd maybe convince my friend who just scored those insane waves in Hawaii and Costa Rica to paddle out.

"Go ahead, it's safe. Those bombs won't reach you. Besides, think of the cool video I'll get!"


This week was another eye opener for all surfers and non surfers alike in the world. The Terrorist Plot to Blow-Up 10 Jumbo Jets over the Atlantic Ocean was Thank God, foiled. However, it should weigh heavy on all of us just how serious this stuff really is. And if you're one of those who think that this does NOT affect you, think again. It affects each and every one of us. Unless, you plan on never traveling again on an airplane, to some foreign surf destination, it affects you. Terrorists hate you. They hate you whether or not you're a Republican, Democrat, Independent, Surfer, Non-Surfer, Military or Peace Activist. THEY HATE YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR. They hate Surfing.

Does everyone out there get this?

I mean seriously, do you all get this? Our world has changed forever, and it's going to get a whole lot worse, before it gets better. And this has been ongoing for quite sometime. Way before September 11, 2001. We are at War with Radical Islamic Muslims who are Hell bent on destroying our way of life and the lives of our children. This has nothing to do with George W. Bush. It started way before he came into office. It started before Bill Clinton came into office. And it does NOT matter who fills that Oval Office in 2008, because it's not going to away. Why? Because...We're At War!

So, what we can we do about it? Well for starters. We can quit bitching about long lines at Airports. We can maybe encourage the authorities to increase the Racial Profiling. Look, I'm not a racist. In fact, my own dark features may make me more of a target at airports. I've been singled out and searched plenty of times. Guess what? I'm not offended. I don't need Rev. Al Sharpton to defend me saying my civil rights have been violated. I don't give a shit Al. I want me and my family to be able to travel in safety. I don't care if it's an inconvenience. I'll tell you what an inconvenience is. Having my freaking plane blow up over the Atlantic Ocean. Or crash into some skyscraper. That's a freaking inconvenience.Not, being searched.

I'm just saying, that if a handful of Muslim men between the ages of 16 and 60 look suspicious before boarding a plane. Yank 'em out of line and search them. Head to toe. Let the 90 yr old woman in the wheel chair go. (Unless one of them Muslim dudes is pushing the chair). We need to stop being so dam sensitive and wake the hell up. Young Muslim Men have been behind the last 100 Terrorists bombings. These idiots and the promise of 42 Virgins awaiting them alongside with Allah is an easy sell to these guys. Kill an Infidel and get 42 Virgins? Some of you are probably thinking to yourselves, "42 Virgins? I wonder if there's any surf there?"

Seriously though. Can you imagine if that's the kind of ideology that was spoon fed into your tiny brain from day one? No wonder they hate us. Who wouldn't? Especially that insane tradeoff.42 virgins to Kill one American?

Give me a break Allah!

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Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1971 A Day at The Beach from the Summer of '71
This photo was sent to me from my SFOD site. This guy Charlie Oerter sent it to me. He said he was stationed
in the Army at some local ARMY base and used to come up and surf here during the summer. He says he still
surfs down on Southern Florida. He's just wondering if anyone recognizes anyone in this photo. I personally do not.
It looks like it was taken along the Mass/NH sandy stretch. Anyone out there know anybody in this pic?
Drop me an email if you do.
Photo courtesy of Charlie Oerter

Today 2006 Scenes from the 20th Annual Papa Oo Mau Mau Party!
These photos were taken last night at Rick and Janet's annual Summer Bash. The bands were rocking and the
talk of lack of surf filled the summer air. But the food? Oh was great! Thanks for a great time you Sav's!

Photos by C.Fatello and R. Fatello courtesy of SFOD

(Above) What is surfing? Do we surf around here? Johnny, Skip and Lenny contemplate another flat weekend.

(Above) Little Veda Day rocking out to Big Daddy Crop and the KINGS HIGHWAY Band.

(Above) "You two, please step out of line. We need to search you both." Mark Saracusa and Vincent, being singled
out for a little extra searching due to the new Terrorist Threat. No problem. Seach away! Mark is home visiting
with his wife Holly and three children. It was great to see him again after all this time. Too bad there's NO surf Mark.

(Above) Have you ever been experienced? Well, we have...the RF Experience.

(Above) Alex and daughter Margo brought the house down at the end of the night. Margo has a Great voice.

Today 2006 Another couple of shots from that Northern spot.
North America is such a big place. Somewhere out there in this big world, there are places like this.
All it takes is a little imagination and a whole lot of Gasoline and a desire to want to find it.
Because... There are NO maps.

Photo by JB

Photo of Saer Husten by brother Justin Husten

Today 2006 Another Beryl Shot from last July...
Doctor Mark Henschke getting in some fun time before office hours. New Hampshire.
Photo courtesy of M. Henschke

Today 2006 Ex-New Hammy Surfer Charlie Daly Sent these in this week.
Charlie's an old New Hammy surfer who has since moved to Northern Cal where he partakes in a few session under
the Golden Gate Bridge. (Sorry Rocky this spot can't still be a secret can it?) Besides...this whole set-up is weird.
Photos by Charlie Daly

(Above) Tiny wave means Tiny fun?

(Above) What the hell is going on here Charlie?

(Above) Oh I get it...the dudes are Skimboarding. Still looks weird.

(Above) This guy appears to be longboarding...on a lake wave?

(Above) Seems like a lot of waiting around for such Tiny Waves.

(Above) Different perspective of this funky setup Whatever floats your boat Charlie.

(Above) NOW That's what I'm talking about! Whoa! This the same day?

(Above) This I could get used to.

Today 2006 Eastie (Max) Sends Westy (Kyle) back to the West Coast...
At least he got to surf for 7 straight days when he first got here. Then the surf dropped off. It was fun while it
lasted Kyle. I'm sure you're back in the water with your brother Corey and uncle Robin.

(Above) A couple of Grom Surf Buds...
Photos by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) No liquids Kyle!
Photos by R. Fatello SFOD

Parting Shot -How Cold is Cold...?
This is about the coldest looking waves I have ever seen. Whoa! Still, I'd go out in a heart beat right about now.
That's how bad it is around these parts.
Photo by J. Husten

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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