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August 4th, 2013 THE RUN IS 2 out of 2 Weeks
Waist high or better, at least once a week. There was Surf
that was waist high this week on Monday and Friday!
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Locals and Non Locals...

I can't remember the exact date, but it was about 5 or 6 years ago. I was out surfing somewhere between 18th street and 14th Street at Hampton's North Beach. More commonly known as the Wall. It was
a typical summer morning, and the surf was running about waist to chest high. I was surfing this one peak by myself.

And I was thoroughly enjoying the day with the hot sun on my face.

I had just ridden a wave, and went quite a long distance. From jetty to jetty. I started to paddle back out, when I noticed this surfer paddle towards me. I did not recognize him. But these days that is more common than not. There are just so many more people out in the water these days, than ever before.

I sat up on my board, and looked back out towards the horizon to wait for the next set. I nodded to the guy, and he sort of nodded back. I smiled and paddled further out, and away to give him room.

A set came, and he went for the first wave, and I went for the second wave. Apparently he missed the first wave, and rather than wait for the third wave, he tried to catch the wave that I was paddling for.

I saw what was happening, and gave a slight whistle to let him know that I was indeed, about to catch this wave. He looked dismayed that I went on that particular wave. I rode it a short distance and then kicked out. Paddling back out I thanked him for not going.

That's when he asked me. "Are you a local?"

I looked at him and said "Do you mean am I an Algonquin Native American? Because they are the only TRUE locals."

He looked completely confused. He furrowed his eyebrows, and cocked his head with a perplexed look.

"If you're asking me if I live here, the answer is yes."

"I thought so." he answered. "Why is that?" I asked. "Oh just the way you went for that wave, I could tell you were a local." Now not for nothing, but my actions that morning in no way demonstrated where I live, or where I surf. My actions are based on the unwritten code of honor that most avid surfers understand. Most. Not all but most.

This guy just assumed I was a local because I went for that wave and apparently displayed some local knowledge, or local angst. But that should have nothing to do with who catches what wave, on any given day. We all live by the same rules and laws of surfing. And it is widespread. Around the entire Globe.

Surfers are like the Algonquin tribe. Because we are in a sense a tribe of our own. And all tribes have rules and regulations.

Surfing has rules and laws. Click on image above to see a few.

As far as the common courtesy of waiting your turn for a wave?
Well it should be acknowledged. That if you paddle for a wave, and miss it, you need to get back at the end of the line. You are not automatically allowed the next wave because you missed the one you were paddling for. Paddle harder next time.

Or try working out in your spare time. Because we "locals and non locals" are not there to watch you surf. We all want to surf. If you paddle for a wave, and miss it, suck it up, and get back in line. And try harder the next time you're in the batter's box. It's only fair.
That's life kids. Live and learn.

Speaking of tribes, there's a few events coming up that are worth mentioning. Back when the Algonquin's were still roaming the woods and waterways on our New England Seacoast, this sleepy little town of Hampton, NH was established and founded in 1638.

This summer Hampton is celebrating 375 years! Whoa.

There are all kinds of events marking this 375th anniversary. Including some LIVE music. Yes, that's me and this is our first show. I'm looking forward to playing at this outdoor show. It should be fun. I'm playing with my old drummer, Lenny Dunn from the Nor'easters.

My all time favorite band I ever played with. (Yes my fave even over the VINNY Band). Loved playing with The Nor'easters.

Funny, all I can think about is how many empty waves poured into our beaches back in 1638, with no surfers there to see them, or ride them. Unless of course, the Native American Algonquins were riding waves with their canoes. No wonder they got upset when the settlers came. We not only took their land and ocean, we ruined the surf for them as well.

All kidding aside, this next week is going to be fun here in Hampton.
So get ready for this next weekend as Hampton, NH turns 375!!


This is another prime example of our "Local" tribe.

Cinnamon Rainbows is selling Raffle tix to win this surfboard that is autographed by "OCCY" for the UPCOMING MOLLY Surf Celebration Contest on August 24th and 25th!

How cool would it be to own a board that Occy signed?

Head to Cinnamon Rainbows and buy some raffle tix.
It's all for a GREAT Cause!!!

Now for Some Of My Weekly Global Observances:

I just saw on the news that the United States has closed 22 embassies in the Middle East. OK, that is some serious business. Closing 22 US Embassies is unprecedented. Apparently there has been an Al Qeada threat that our government has taken serious. After Ben Ghazi, NO ONE is taking any chances. And by the way, Al Qeada is still in the terror business. So to all of you who thought the killing of long tall Osama Bin Laden was the end of Al Qeada, guess again.

Terrorism will go on until the end of time. But then again, so won't our US Military and our Intelligence agencies.
Did any of you see the INSANE photos and video of the wave pool in China last week? Good Lord, I got sick just watching it. There must of been a million people in this one wave pool.

I posted a video clip down in my viddy section. It's worth the minute out of your life to watch it.

I couldn't help but put Khalidy Sheik Mohummed in the China Wave Pool pic. Let's call it WHERE"S KSM? Click on the image to see a larger version.

As always, let's take a minute and enjoy the weekly humiliation of the mastermind terrorist who killed 3,000 innocent civilians on September 11th, 2001.

*Note to self. Must pick up a new inflatable tube or floating device at Home Depot.
*CLICK photo to see larger version.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY John Carden August 3rd, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Whitney William August 3rd, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan Olsen August 6th, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAU Noah Yamada August 6th, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian Kelly August 6th, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Zach Humphreys August 8th, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim Ackley August 8th, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jason Steinberg August 8th, 2013!
HAPPY 375th BIRTHDAY Town of Hampton August 10th, 2013!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gavin Smith August 11th, 2013!
SEE "Endless Summer" star ROBERT AUGUST on August 10th
at Cinnamon Rainbows!!

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Remember my friends... Surfing Heals All Wounds
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


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Yesterday- The DUMBEST Photo Ever taken of Me 1982.
(Below) This was the year that I'd just as soon forget. 1982 was just awful. I was going through a major transition in my life. I was doing things that I never should of done, and as a result, I took chances that make me cringe today. This was one of those times. I went looking for my buddy who I served in Vietnam with. I found him deep in the south. He was as messed up as I was. We had a few drinks and went out looking for adventure. We spotted this large Alligator in shallow water, and I thought I would get into a staring contest with this beast. My buddy was freaking out. But I kept saying "I have this. He's under my spell!" What a moron I was. That Alligator was 12' long, and had a super wide girth. This animal could of easily grabbed me, and pulled me out into deeper water, where it would of twisted and turned me until
I drowned. And then it would of eaten me up. So why did I do this? Why do surfers do half the stuff we do? I don't know. I'm just glad I'm here today (and sober) to share this absurd story with you.
Photo courtesy of RALPH.

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Today- The First Waves of August 2013.
Photos by RALPH

(Above) The second day of August produced a quick 2 hour window of waves that caught most people asleep at the wheel. Not the case with Richard Donahue.
Friday August 2nd, 2013.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) Pev was out and up on the nose in the first hour of this swell.
Friday August 2nd, 2013.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) HAPPY BELATED 50th Birthday to Geoff Haenn.
*For the record, we have bought all of our vehicles from
Geoff at Lansdale JEEP the last 23 years, and have not had
a single regret. He's the BEST!!

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(Above) Bill Stecchi on a shoulder high wave on the second day of August.
Friday August 2nd, 2013.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) James O'Hara was out with his big brother Gavin (Below) and they were owning the peak at 10th Street. Friday August 2nd, 2013. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photos to see the whole gallery.

Today- The Last Waves of July 2013.
Photos by RALPH

(Above) The last day of waves in July was a Foggy Sloppy mess. But the boys were out and they were busting fins loose for the entire hour I was there. So it was worth it. Mackey V July 29th, 2013. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) Matt Colby was flying all over the place in the SLOP HOP sesh.
July 29th, 2013. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) Thom "Stink Boot" Hay was putting the stank on the gray gutless surf.
July 29th, 2013. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) Kyle Riffe managed to find the ONLY semi hollow wave of the day.
July 29th, 2013. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

Today- Like I have said many times before. It's not always about surfing. Ed takes us on a photo journey from Portsmouth to Boston and back. August 2nd, 2013.
Photos by Ed O'Connell

(Above) The Eagle has landed. Wait, wrong ship. USCG EAGLE August 2, 2013.
Photo by Ed O'Connell *Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) The Boston skyline at night. August 2nd, 2013. Photo by Ed O'Connell
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

Today- Oh the FUNKY SEQUENCES Friday Aug 2nd, 2013.
Photos by RALPH

Pev working on a new move. Actually, we have ALL been here before.
The only difference is I happened to be here with my camera. I must say, Pev handled this with grace and humor. August 2nd, 2013.
Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) What's wrong with this picture? Joe Gangi dealing with the creature known as the Kook. August 2nd, 2013. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.
Today- The first Empty Waves of August 2nd, 2013
Photos by RALPH

(Above) It was waist high and better for only two hours. August 2nd, 2013.
Photo by
RALPH *Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

An empty wave in a sea of madness. August 2nd, 2013.
Photo by
RALPH *Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.
Today- The "SHREDCATION" Costa Rica Trip Summer-2013.
Photos courtesy of Jon Kiskinis

(Above) I have to admit that is one nice looking wave. Especially if you remember that this photo was taken during our long flat spell. Jon Kiskinis scoring in CR.
July 2013.
Photo courtesy of Jon Kiskinis
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

(Above) This wave reminds me of the wave that is at the top of this page on the right hand column. Look at them both and see for yourself. In any case, this is one slabby looking ledge. And I know some of you are licking your chops wanting a piece of this. Summer 2013 in Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of Jon Kiskinis
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

Today- The "Phantom's Last Days Of July"
-2013. Photos by The Phantom

(Above) As always my friends, you need not know where, because that is not important. And the fact that unless you have a boat and the knowledge of these hidden secret reef passes it's just not worth you getting this information. Instead, sit back in your cubicle and look at the places that the Phantom and his crew have allowed to share with you. Let's call it "Fantasy Surfing".
Photo by The Phantom. *Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) And yes even the Phantom has a soft side. Look at how damn cute this little guy is. We're lucky being surfers. We get to see things that most people will never see in their entire lifetime. July -2013 . Photo by The Phantom
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

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Today- The Pics From Around The World. August 4th, 2013.
Photos via The Internet

This is a very cool angle. Not to mention dangerous. You gotta hang in there to get a shot like this. And then you are going to get worked. But it's worth it.
Photo via the Internet *Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Ireland. 10 years ago nobody knew that waves like this were unloading in Ireland. I mean Good Lord look at this beast!
Photo by Via the Internet
*Click on the photo above to see the
Whole gallery.

We welcome all Surf Related pics from our Readers. Just make sure they are at least 900 pixels wide. If you have any OLD photos of local New England surfers and or of local New England surfing, we would love to see them and share them with our readers.

We can scan them for you. And we get them back to you undamaged. Trust me. We can do this...people love the older stuff. So if you have any, please send 'em along. If you have prints/slides we can scan them for you.

And we don't care if you shoot pics with with your cellphones. I mean it. Most of the images you see on the news and on the Internet were shot with them Smart Ass Phones. Shoot and ask questions later.

(Above ) Erica Nardone sent in a whole batch of photos of her kids surfing this week. The waves were perfect for the young groms. And really, check out this "Kung Fu" surfing pic of Clara! Classic. Photo by Erica Nardone
*Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above ) This is
one very cool photo from our main Maine girl Maureen McNamara. Photo by Maureen McNamara
*Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) We saw an amazing trio last week at the Casino. The John Butler Trio. Really impressed with them. It was a well crafted, and well paced set and I left there wanting more. Thanks to Kenny and Michelle for the tix. We had a blast!
Photo by Cory Fatello
Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Gil Santos is the ONE and ONLY voice of the New England Patriots. Standing with my brother Tony Berardini. Taken this week in New York.
Photo courtesy of Tony Berardini

*Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the
Honorable Judge RALPH presiding. CASE 225
Click the photo to see the outcome of this Surf crime and the verdict.
Photo courtesy of Wally

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RIGHT IN MOTION from Thomas Brothers Productions on Vimeo.

Michael Dunphy finds himself "Right In Motion" while scoring in Mexico. Worth the brief 5 minutes to watch this. Especially the last wave. This kid has style and can
surf his ass off. My buddy raven Lundy posted this recently.

Footage: Matt Grote & Jackson Winner
Edit: Bryant Thomas
Song: "Run Hide" by Trouble Andrew



The next time you complain about crowded conditions I want you to remember this clip. Taken this week in China. You all know the saying "It could be worse." Well this is worse.


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COMING NEXT WEEK. my First GoPro movie clip.

Recorded in 1978. Click on VINNY CD art to see a larger
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COMING NEXT WEEK my first EVER GoPro movie clip

Recorded in 1983. Click on VINNY CD art to see a larger
version and how to order this CD and others for sale at
GAF Music.
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(Above) Put the cursor over the images above to see happens when you DROP in
on someone. You become Invisible.
Simply put the mouse over the photo to see the
original photo and then marvel at the results of what happens when the criminal
invisible.*Put the cursor over the photo to see the Real image.
Photo courtesy of Wally

Today August 4, 2013 " Peek-a-boo we see you!"

(Above) I guess you could call this a head dip. Pev having fun at the Wall. Photo by RALPH.

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