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April 6th, 2008

While I was fully prepared to announce to you all that we had finally hit a bump in the road. As in "There was no surf" I could not. Saturday had surf all day long. Granted it was not great surf but it was surf none the less. Perhaps some of you got some? Me? I did not go out. Instead, I watched it from the warmth and dryness of my office. I could see it out there. The glassy, grayish surf, calling out to me. But alas my friends, I could not pry myself away.

Regrets? Hell yes.

I hate missing surf. Especially if I really don't have any kind of logical excuse. I didn't have one today. Oh I suppose I could of made one up, and none of you would know the difference. But I did not have one. Lazy? Maybe. Or, was it because I've become somewhat jaded after the amazing run of surf we've had all winter? My guess is, it's more of the latter.

Although, my son did have my vehicle and went out to check it. But he's going through that new license phase, where any excuse to drive the car is high on the agenda. He did call in and say that it looked OK. Huh? OK? Dude you're sixteen! Anything over 2' should be OK!!! But again, the new license, the driving your buddies around and trying to impress the local felines, is for him, more important.

Still, if I really wanted to surf today, I would of have. I just could not motivate myself.

Then I saw Ed O'Connel and Kevin Doherty's photos in my INBOX and really felt stupid. I posted em below. You'll see it for yourselves. Maybe you did the same thing I did. Nothing. I can't roll back the hands of time. If I could, I'd roll them way back. Nope. I can only look at those glassy waves and acknowledge, that I basically messed up. Plain and simple.

Of course, I am now itching to make up for this snafu and redeem myself. But you know where that will get me. No where. It's like whenever I'm sitting outside waiting for a set wave and they never come. The minute I paddle in to grab a few insiders...BAM! Here comes a set. Never fails. In fact, I even get to saying it out loud nowadays. "Get ready kids, the second I paddle in, a set will come!" People usually laugh and shake their heads.

But they don't move with me.

No sirree Bobby, because they know. The second I'm out of range, that wave will come. Sure as shit, that wave's coming.

Usually on my head.

Hey guess what next week is? My fifth year writing and posting this Blog. Hard to believe that 5 years has gone by with me writing every week, and posting all those amazing photos. And then, adding the video clips too! Dam. Where has the time gone? It's been fun for sure. Although I'm sure I ruffled a few feathers here and there. In fact, I know I have.

But, like I've said a million times before.

These mindless comments of mine, are just that. Mine. Just my opinion, or my observance as I see it every week. Believe me, if I actually wrote what I really wanted to would need a filter for the kids (and a few adults as well...I know Reverend Chip is reading this).

How long can this go on? I don't know. But for the time being, as long as there's surf and great photographers... and a colorful local, and international surf world, there will be a...Ralph's Pic Of The Week.

Sorry Fred.


In a few days the Sox will play their first game at FENWAY. Opening day. I'm sorry if I don't seem too excited. Like a lot of you, I am still NOT over the Patriots...I know I know. I have to move on. And I will (eventually), but right now I'm going through the anger phase. I guess the last two months was the Shocked Phase. I'll be OK. Don't worry about me.

I feel bad because I know a lot of you are SOX fans. And Celtics fans, and hell, there's even a few Bruins fans out there. And honestly, you all have something to be happy about. I just can't shake that last freaking game! No matter how many times I replay it in my head. The end result is the same. They lost.

They lost the perfect season.

Can that ever be repeated again in our lifetime? HELL NOOO! I'm not going to squirm through another season of that crazy shit. NO FREAKING WAY! The only redeeming factor for me is, I feel somewhat creative to think that I may have been the first fan to pen the line "Assante Samuel is the Bill Buckner of the New England Patriots!" I wrote that line on my blog that very night. I have since heard it from many. But dammit people, I believe I was the first. Do they give trophies for stupid lines like that? Not that I'm looking for one.

I'd give it to Assante if they did.

Let's move on. One of the things I noticed today from my big comfy office chair..was that you were all still wearing hoods. I'm guessing it was cold. I'm not surprised by that. Not in the least. Look, Winter can be an ass kicker on land. That ocean water dips down to the high 30's and it takes a while before she warms up. April showers may bring May flowers, but April does not bring warmer water.We won't see (or rather feel) warm water until the end of May.

All you land locked surfers who wait until the weather warms up might consider waiting a little longer this year. Like...oh I don't know July 4th? This was a cold and white winter. But the warmer days are coming. And I say Hallelujah to that!!


CALL These Senators Today and demand they stand up for local surfers and businesses! Senator Mr. Burd  202-224-3154.    Senator Ms.Dole  202-224-6342.   Feel free to voice your opinion on this . This is a heavy issue and needs our support. 

Here's the info on the fund that is being set-up to help little Ryan Ciolfi. Ryan is the three year old son of local Surfer of Tony Ciolfi and the late Tammy Ciolfi. The fund for young Ryan is a 529 College Plan for Ryan. To donate, please address the check to:

The Vanguard 529 College Savings Plan
On the check write: Beneficiary: Ryan A Ciolfi
and send the check to:
Anthony Ciolfi
33 Morningside Dr
Hampton NH 03842

Please support all the VERY talented photographers who contribute their work here every week.

PLEASE send donations to our other SURFER's son:
The Landon Miller Foundation
83 South Road
North Hampton, NH 03862

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday 1988 Vincent Shazam at Shazamland
I'm lucky. Why? Well, this wave was one of those waves that we all, from time to time luck into. And my luck
was two fold this day. Not only was my old friend from California Robin Rowell standing on the bluff with my old GAF
Super 8mmm movie camera, but the long lost Ace photographer Michael Baytoff shot a sequence of this same wave.
Imagine getting a memorable wave in your lifetime and then have it captured on both movie film and stills?
That's lucky kids. That's shit ass good luck.
Video Movie Frame Grab by Robin Rowell SFOD

2008 Photos BELOW taken today. April 5th 2008.

(Above) Here's a sampling of what we (me) all missed today. Erin Mace in between baby strolls.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

Above) How could my son of looked at this and said it was just OK? What?????
Photo by Ed O'Connell

Above) I think this is Mikey D...I could be wrong. What a great looking little wave.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

Above) Goofy and the Gull. What is it with Ed and Gulls? You time this shit Ed? Erin Mace again.
Photo by Ed O'Connell


(Above) While I was home in my office, Seth Bilodeau was surfing with his buddies Adam and
Kevin. Seth was lucky though. Kevin had his camera gear. Lucky SOB.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Was it big? No. But it sure looks like fun to me. Seth in the deep stuff.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Was it glassy? You tell me. Seth Bilodeau rocking the gray away.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Seth slaying the defenseless right hander while KD fires away.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Adam Gustafasen on a glassy hump.
Photo by Kevin Doherty


(Above) Adam G. going where he shouldn't go. But he can't help it.
It's Spring time in NE!
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Kai drops...
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Kai setting up on Planet Nemo...
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Kai turns and yells "Hey man is that a KAI-YAK?"
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) There's an advantage to being young. The surf looks bigger. That wave is starting to
warp on young Kai Nichols.

Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Big sister Hoku negotiates an impacted drop.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

Above) Hoku and her Green machine.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Kamu at Sunset this afternoon. I thought SUP's were for small waves only?
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Kamu again at Sunset this afternoon.SUPping in the critical section.
Photo by Bernie Baker

2008 Photos Taken here on the last week in March.

(Above) Sensual sands 1.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Sensual sands 2.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Sensual sands 3.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Heavens Gate . I know Lenny well enough to know, that he won't mind me dedicating
this beautiful photo and title to Mrs Winni Meehan and Mr John Caisey, two surf parents who
passed away last week. Rest in Peace.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

2008 Photos Taken on the West Coast last week.

(Above) Somewhere out West where the locals bite in and out of the water
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) Like a postcard . What a set up Tony. r
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) Tony this reminds me of our old stomping grounds.
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) Check the rider. We've got some size here.
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) Look at that inside section! Dam!!! That's where I might be sitting.
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) King of the peak. Longboarder gets a good one.
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) But the shortboader gets the rocking and the rolling.
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) Tony if ya got an extra room...can I bring the family out?
Photo by Tony Szabo

VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of Mackey V from last year.
8mm Video Frame grab by R. Fatello SFOD

2008 A couple more from Bernie last week in Hawaii

(Above) Speed blur whip carve. In The Islands.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Groms being groms. Hitting the coping.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Remember this shot? Check out the close up below.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) What are those? Hail balls? Golf balls? F-stop magic.
Photo by Bernie Baker

Today 2008 Parting Shot... Extendo Man.

(Above ) OK is this the coolest shot you've seen in some time? We all know he's going to eat it. But with water that warm
and being in that good of shape...hell dam the torpedoes! Launch one for me!
Photo by Bernie Baker




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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