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January 31, 2011

Ralph - just watching your video for Catch a Wave for Molly on your site and wanted to send you some well wishes  and good vibes from across the Atlantic. I probably get to surf and sponge the same storms a couple days after you. The water is cold here but nothing like New England. Keep up the good work!
James (Ireland)

That's pretty cool James...or rather pretty cold.


How are ya? My name is Jon Dickey and I lived in NH for 26 years. Last time I emailed you I was living in Colorado. Last August I moved to Half Moon Bay CA. It has been pretty epic. I still check out your website weekly to keep me in touch with things back home. So I was out watching Mavericks when that guy drowned. I work in the ER at Stanford and some of my friends worked on him. Apparently he is going to be completely fine. Later that day I was SUPing in the harbor at HMB and I saw the Phantom! I thought the boat looked pretty familiar and now I see his pictures and it was him. Pretty cool. Well keep warm there back east, looks like a big weather system headed your way! Thanks for the weekly photos. Cheers,


Glad you like it are one of the chosen few to have seen the Phantom in person

January 30, 2011

Keep it go'in Ralph... it's worth it! We'll be watching
Chris Z

Thank you brother

Hey Ralph
I just loved bringing The Run Redux to Fla with me. The guys down there were incredulous as to the waves we get here in NE.    5' below holy shit!!!!! I was once on the front page of the Gloucester Evening News coming out of the water at bass rocks at 4'   my face covered in ice and I thought that was hardcore!!!!! 
Fun waves last week more on the way.... see you in the water
Dave C.

That's so funny...

Ralph, you are an UNSUNG HERO


Thank you...but I'm no hero.

Hey brotha,

                I know this week ahead is the anniversary of both our fathers passing, and I wanted you to know I was thinking of you. It is going to be especially hard for us as well. Last week after a serious but brief illness (one week) we lost Mom on Sunday Jan 23rd. We were blessed to all be at her side, her 3 children and her 6 grandchildren. Rose Olivo was 88 yrs old and told us all she was ready and not afraid. For a number of years she had made her final wishes very clear. If at all possible she wanted to not suffer for a long period, be able to say goodbye to us all and have us there to say goodbye to her. Luckily, as with Dad’s passing, we were able to have the same for Mom

                I will thank you in advance for your kind thoughts as I know you will send them, but PLEASE also know this week our thoughts and prayers are also with you for all you do for all of us, and all you have done as a great son……Love always…..Vini

As always thank you Vini

Thomas and I made it out for a sunset session yesterday and enjoyed the glassy leftovers with two other surfers.  The sky and sea merged at the horizon so well that you couldn't see the sets until they were about to break.  It was surreal. 
Any time one can surf with your son is special, but this little session was extra meaningful for us as we had just learned that our friend and neighbor has leukemia.  He is 12 years old.  We've been following and supporting you on the Molly quest, and now the "Catch a Wave for Molly" has even more meaning. 
Keep on keepin' on and hope to see you in the water one of these days.  
Tom Haut

Wow thank you Tom for sharing this.

January 28, 2011

Hi Ralph,
I have a check for you. Congrats on the halfway mark. Weiland would very much like to join you tomorrow for your amazing threshhold of day 188! he has appropriate gear for this..We would all like to be there, at least, as well. I have to imagine that alot of folks want to be there for you as well. Please let me know where and when you will be catching your wave for Molly tomorrow....Jon A

Thanks Jon that would be great.


Nice story in HU today. Great pics by Gabby!
Right on.

Right on to you too.

January 26, 2011

Ralph, I shit you not. I was walking around my house last night saying to myself "Someone should contact the news channel about Ralph & his Fundraiser to get some bigger attention" the other day I was thinken how you needed salt on your stairs, then you said it in your blog later that day. Dude we are on some freaky wave length together!!! Dont be scared though lol
Justin A


Man...I'll be sure to watch the news. I check the blog religiously!  You're on the downhill slide now... Hang in there brother! If we don't have baby this weekend maybe I can catch up with you for the wave on Saturday or Sunday.


Nevermind me stay with your wife...

January 25, 2011

Congrats on reaching your half way point yesterday!  Hope to catch ya out in the water down the road

Justin G

That was great….good waves….sad story.  You look good, now keep going!

Love you, Donna


It looks peaceful... Not nearly as cold as we all know it was. I would love to see you surfing the best weather day and the worst when the year is complete
Amy D

Ralph you look great too, especially for someone who is surfing everyday in the North Atlantic - keep up the great work. The GITV video with you is inspiring

Joe M

Thank you Joe.

January 24, 2011

Hi Ralph,
I loved the video, I watched it last week when you sent it to me;it was so well done . Yeah, I had my surgery on Friday & had a hematoma. Very painful, so I went back to the OR today to have it drained & I feel so much better. I'm going to try & go to Al's funeral tomorrow. Ralph thanks for what you do for childhood cancer I spent 10 years of my life trying to help & it really is sad when a child never has a chance or has to experience pain of any kind. Thanks

You are a saint Kim.

Keep it up buddy!!!!!.Wish I would live closer to the ocean. Positive vibes from Montreal Canada. There is no cold that an extra layer of rubber can't fix.

Thanks man

A memorable half-way mark today! love you

I love you too baby


Congratulations, and well done, half way home.

You, Cory and Gabby have been doing an excellent job documenting the quest. I hope to be around to shoot a few more frames on the second half.

This was the reading on my usually accurate car thermometer as I went out this morning to check for surf.

Wishing you smooth sailing on the rest of the journey.


Thanks Ed, but you've been a huge help as well.

Only a Marine! I would have been a good Navy man and stayed in the wheel house. Awesome Ralph!
Chris S.

I ran down to get in a session today - fully suited up - and at 1pm it was totally flat.  You're my hero, Ralph.  I wanted to experience the harshness of today's temp...and test my new 5/4 Rip Curl!!  Hugs

Man Ralph it was Flipping cold, my hats off to ya buddy
Tom M

balls of steel bud it was f###ing cold out there today."

"Way to go Ralph! Halfway there, it can only get warmer from here on out!"

Roger K

"i actually thought of you this morning, ralph.  i took the dog for a walk and it was -5.  i started to feel grumpy and then i remembered what you were doing.  big props to you, buddy!!"

Judy D

Yay! Halfway!! You should feel very proud of this milestone...
Karen P

Stay warm Ralph!  You got some good karma coming your way today!  Thanks for doing such good things!


I'll try...

  My brother. 
I will pray for you this week.
I see the temp right now is about 7 degrees.
Your daily wave for Molly must be a tough task on days like today.
You are an inspiration and one of the most dedicated people I know.
I am proud to call you brother.
Peace and Love

Thanks was chilly.


It's that once a year cold that is hard to comprehend when you feel it... I don't really care what the actual temp is... I think the with windchill factor reading we are having a high temp of -21 today, -53.8 on the summit of mt. Washington. Sure make for pretty ankle high waves through frozen salt water...

Not gonna lie. Stoked to be inside today.
Brian Nevins

Ha...stoked to have to only catch ONE wave today.

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you this morning....Man, you are the dude!!!!! Get that one and get out..Molly knows you're there. Hot cocoa on me next time I see ya! ha!
Stay warm brother!


Good luck today! -20 in the mountains today ...

It was cold here too

January 23, 2011

Hey Ralph,
Love checking out your blog each week. Say hi to the gang at CR for me.  NH is where I did the majority of my surfing for the 10 years I lived there.  The attached photo is in Juno Beach, FL.  We have had a good winter so far with weekly NE swell from all the storms pushing off NE.
Mike M

That's cool Mike

Ralph, that's just one of the things we all love about just keep doing it till you get it!! Mary Ellen


Boys, I just got home from HI a few hours ago.  Waves were pumping, and I limped home from the trip humbled, inspired, and....blessed that God was watching over me as I took some beatings - dragged over the lava rocks - and made it home in one piece.  Stereotypical "haole" experience......

I didn't have time to scan any of my emails, other than Oakley ones, while I was in HI, and I just finished watching the Ralph clip.  I have tears in my eyes.  I read "THE SHACK" on my flight to HI last week and I cried for 6 strait hours.  But watching Joe's piece was powerful, beautiful,'s so perfect.  I love you guys.  Truly.  I have so much love and appreciation for the support that we're receiving that words are pointless.  Joe, you are so @#$% talented!  Ralph, you are so @#$% beautiful!!!!

Much love and many thanks. 


Right back at you Buck...

Hi Ralph -
I want to let you know how proud we are to know you. I must say, your video was deeply moving and inspiring. One more week until the half way mark! (If I counted right) We are cheering for you.
Keep in touch.
Peace and love,
P.S. I apologize for that nasty letter Steve made me send you. Devil I am not a fan of "professional"?? sports, so I am completely neutral. He will write you with his hunting story.
I'm so glad you liked it.

Dear Mr. Fatello and Mr. Brady:
My heartfelt condolences go out to you for your tragic loss to the New York Jets. As you grieve, I grieve - I feel your pain, and can only hope this off-season is long enough to heal your wounds. Whatever you do, stay strong and be positive. Remember, you will only become better men...better surfers...better football players.
Of course, if you were stupid enough to think you were good enough to beat us by 40 pts, then you deserve to suffer. We set you up big time! This was probably the biggest ploy in NFL history! Give you an easy, decisive win and then pummel you in the important game. How easy was that? You will need the next 10 off seasons to get over this!!
Good Luck,
Mr. Sanchez
Mr. Nameth
Mr. Somogyi

Ouch now why you gotta be so hurtful?

Great minds think a like. I was over at the wall today & I walked down the 18th street stairs while looking for some cool drift wood. And I said in my head, someone needs to get out here with some rock salt cuz poor Ralph is gonna slip on his assss

Justin A

Those stairs can get really slippery...

Hey Ralph- 

Thanks again for the salute the other day. That was a fun day, you definitely got the last good one out there, it shut down quickly. My friend just wanted to see how much it would be to advertise her photography business on your site. She is an aspiring surfer, only gets out in the warmer weather.

I'll send you a price guide

January 22, 2011

cold? wait until tomorrow .. and Monday!"

Tim B
Great Tim...

What are you talking about? That vid was great! I don't know him very well- but one of my best friend's from childhood- Amy Johnson- sister married Nick LaVechia and I heard he is an excellent photographer too. I have been following on Facebook!

I'd say it is way more important to be a great husband, dad and friend, Ralph. I'd say you had the priorities right. And as far as filmmaking goes- it's all in the eye of the beholder. five years working as producer in LA taught me that much. One man's Oscar is a another man's Rotten Tomatoe. My opinion? If you focus on the human elements of the story, and not the storytelling per say, you always get a better story.

Second, I'm kinda a jack of all trades myself. Maybe it is because we have a passion for life and we find new things we want to learn and we're ok with changing. I've come to accept I will never be a piano virtuoso or an Olympic rower (my sport in school) but I love learning new sports/ tackling new challenges bc I think it makes me a better, more empathetic person.

Anyways- how about we loosely shoot for the weekend of the Feb 12th?
I can follow up with you the week before to touch base.

Until then, I read the blog, I route for you as always.
With Gratitude,

That date is fine...

HI Ralph, What camera did you use?

Did I tell you I am training this winter to become an adaptive ski instructor? I have started by volunteering with the VA in all the adaptive sports programs, now NE Disabled SPorts/ Bretton Woods Adaptive , and most recently I was accepted to work with the national organization- Disabled Sports USA. I kind of feel like slowly but surely, I am right where I need to be. That this is what I should be doing.

And- I started practicing in winter surf. I have been dumped more times than I can count. But without the lessons or training wheels I am learning a lot faster.

At any rate- I would love to finally meet you in person Ralph, to talk cameras, surfing, and adaptive surfing! 

Do you have an available half hour for coffee (or tea if you are not a coffee guy) next weekend? I can also do the weekend of Feb 12. 
I can make myself available around your schedule.

PS- did I tell you I am finally learning to play guitar? (My fingers really hurt which makes me feel like such a girl, but I'm trying).

I look forward to finally shaking your hand!

With Gratitude,

Whew...that's a lot. We should meet, I need your help with the Wounded Warriors.

January 21, 2011

Beautiful work Ralph...makes me miss you guys.  Just showed this to my wife and she is misty eyed. 
Take care
Stan (Panama)

Thanks Stan, Joey did a great job.

Molly Video
They're all fantastic. I love that your daughter is the cinematographer. She's really good!

I've got so many pics, even though I've lost a ton of them too. There'll be more though.

Still waiting to see Vinny newsletters Ralph...
Judy D

Thanks Judy. Vinny Newsletter? Oh brother...

Hey Ralph

Just posted on your wall (Facebook) about GITV vid. It is really good. What a nice thing for you and your family to have!

Writing a side note via email about your constant cold dogs (feet). Got some surf sox ( or whatever they are called) at CR couple of days ago...thought no way these things are going to help (so thin) but they did big time. My feet were toasty yesterday. Try em if you haven't yet. If anything, they'll probably make slipping into wet boots everyday a little less unpleasant.


Thanks Hannah I have a pair...they do work (sometimes).


Thanks so much.  Things have quieted down a bit on my end and I am back at work for the most part!

The video is great!

Let me go back to the powers that be here and see if I can get them energized again about this.

I’ll let you know!


Lisa Stark ABC News

Thank you Lisa...whatever you can do. This is a Fund raiser.

Awesome video Ralph!  Very touching, fantastic video job by the Get In The Van crew, and great to see you in action on those cold snowy days!  I've watched the trailer for your new movie online and it looks great, so thank you very much

Hey Ralph – KUDOS to YOU!  Miss Molly is smiling down on you for all that you are doing.

Stay well,



Hope you had a great xmas and new year.  I've been shopping some of my more recent photos around to various surfer's sponsors, and as I've come to learn they're often very touchy about an image having been published anywhere previously (including facebook and blogs).  But, I was out today in Seal Beach in the heavy shore break doing my best impersonation of Clark Little, and thought you'd definitely like to see these shots.  I've sent them off to all the usual mags/surfline, but who knows what will come of that.  

While at Seal I ran in to Dale Kobetic who was running around the shore break with his Galaxy tablet tying to stay dry while taking photos with it.  Pretty amusing!  He said he was actually going to try and make a housing for it, too.  He took a photo or two of me and was planning on sending something your way I believe.

Stay warm!

Dale takes some interesting water shots. We could all learn a thing or two from him.

January 20, 2011

That is such a moving piece Ralph … just beautiful, peaceful and deeply appreciated by all in the same breath.

Thank you so much and let us know what EVER else you need to get your mission done.

God Bless!

Marc A

Thank you Marc

"way ta go ralphie got to hand it to you cold rain snow or crowd ralph is there!!!!!!!
joe g.

Thank you Joe.

Ralph the video is FABULOUS! Very well done, and really tugs at the heartstrings, especially the scene where you touch Molly's name on the wall. God bless!
Liz p.


That was great Jim. Will you send me a link to the photo of you with the skateboard in Vietnam?

Nice surfing with you this AM
Johnny M

That was fun

PS I always think about...worry about you on terrible days.
Don't worry about me...I'm fine.

           this is going to be a film that I am personally making it my quest to get into the mix for some sort of award. Such as at the "Woodstock Film Festival."
I am so proud to be your friend, and I do Love you for being you, and all that you do.
Sending it onto, Steve, and Donna right now.

Thank you Charlie.

January 19, 2011

Wow what a range of emotions that just brought me on..... I was so proud of you and excited about what you're doing, and then when you were talking about how you never expected one of the Surf Family Robinson kids not to be there had me welling up. 
 Anyway Unckie, you're almost halfway there.  I forgot how old you are, so it's extra impressive Lol!!  I bet those guys who wanted to court marshall you wouldn't be saying that your only worth $1.29 now!  That was funny!
So, I guess what all of this says is that a combination of a big heart mixed with a touch of crazy produces great achievements!  We're all rooting for you! Love you!

I love you too Kelly!

Very nicely done. I am extremely happy that you have chosen our community to represent in the sport of surfing. Being a physician and dealing with this issue on a daily basis is many times very taxing on the psyche to say the least. You have brought meaning and dignity to Molly's life. I am proud of you!

Hi Ralph,

That piece that Joe did was beautiful.  I am so humbled by what you are doing that it is hard for me to vocalize it, that is why I stay quiet, but please know that I think of you every day.  I just don’t have the words, or my emotions in check, to talk much about it.  All  I can say to you  is that you are a very special person and I respect and thank you for this – and to your family, too.

This email came in today for you.

XO  Meg

We all love you guys Meg.

A buddy of mine (Scot Engle) turned me on to your pledge and your 1 yr. journey on behalf of Molly. Count me in and let me know how it is going. My contact info is below

Catch A Wave For Molly
I did know. You are a great person Ralph for alll that you do for others. I thank you for your dedication to all the causes you have fought for. I saw the skate video and molly video, truly awesome. I am going to spread the word. I told Nevins to ask you about the "meatball sandwich" story. I laugh my ass off everytime I think about it. You are a great story teller and that needs to be documented coming straight from you.

Thanks Corey...

Good Video !!!!! You should be proud of what your doing... I can tell you I am proud to call you my friend ....
Mike K


I just watched it, it is a great thing you are doing and I like it very much! Molly's story is sad but it has a lot of power, everything in life happens for a reason and what happened to her, her ordeal resulted in a lot of good even though it ended with her death.  You are a great man Ralphio and I am glad to be your friend. Forgive me if I replied your earlier email with a frivolous video, I meant no disrespect. All the best from the bottom of my soul.

Hugs and kisses

Ziv G. (Spain)

Ziv we are brothers for life. No worries. Thank you.

Hey Vince; great video... all the 'get in the van' crew show what can be done creatively with a dose of imagination, & a lot of talent. Great stuff, well done.

Hi Ralph,
Very nice video...and nice work on the charity, that's quite a commitment!
Rick N.

Every family is touched by cancer but one very special person I know is doing something about it right now!

Please click the Van Rides link below--This is my friend Ralph from New Hampshire. He is surfing every day for one year raising money for cancer. He is doing this in memory of Molly Rowlee a young girl that lost the battle with cancer but won the hearts of an entire community. I have pledged a dollar a day for Ralphs efforts. When you understand that it snows on the beach in New Hampshire & what Ralph goes through each day to accomplish his goal it easy to see this is from the heart!

Check out a very key part of Ralphs day on link below & become part of this effort.

If you feel so inclined you can help by going to  & keep up the good fight for a better cancer free world!

Thank you,


Thanks Scott that was really nice of you to say and share.

Awesome Ralph,  just awesome......
ginger and drew

YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Thanks for sharing! You know, Ralph, sittin’ here in my office watching your video made me think of my brother Ed Jr. and my father Ed Sr. Both were cancer survivors before my dad died in his 80’s (he just got old) and my brother died of a heart attack in his 60’s (he had an obesity problem). But because there is a history of colon cancer in my family, your video reminded me it is time for me to make an appointment to get scoped. So, who knows, you may have just saved my life. Once again, YOU ARE MY HERO!

 Deepest respect and regards!

Glenn M

Fl. surfer.

 P.S. What you’re doing seems so foreign to us warm water surfers but the beauty of your surroundings really provide a stunning visual. You are truly blessed to have the support of family and friends in your endeavor.

Thanks Glenn...get yourself checked out!

Nice job, and the dedication is cool.
Maybe get together for coffee one of these days, it'd be good update each other.
take care,

Hi Ralph,
Thank you for sharing this video. Jay, Maia, and I watched it last night.
It was really well done! I have so much respect and admiration for what you are doing. I wanted my Surf Family Robinson kid to see it and she just kept saying, …That's Capt. Ralph, Mumma?

It's awesome buddy!
Stay warm and safe out there!


That is so sweet Angela...


Excellent video! As nice as still photos are, a good video is even better for capturing that winter feel. 

Were you out at 10:20? I think I see you on the webcam.



January 18, 2011

Ralph. it was very good. Joe is good and made you look great (which you are of course). It potrayed you and the cause and what you are doing to help accurately and appropriately sentimental. Excellent piece for Joe to come around and do.

John C

Awesome Ralph, and you almost got a cover up too. Whose the band and the tune name?
Your an inspiration.

Thanks, Tom

What you are doing is so amazing! 
I really enjoyed the video.

Donna T

Great videos and music. It reminds me of a surfer bar in Va. Beach when I was in the Navy called "Chico's", they used to have about 8 TVs
playing surfing videos and played alot of Alternative Rock, REM, U2 etc....   It was located on Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach.
Mike M

ahhh!!!! Wow! I need to show this to Ronny.... he's such a San Diegan surfer boy.  You da jam Ralph! No wonder i love your kids so much

I liked it Ralphy, they seem like they did a nice job and you come off very well. I’ve forwarded it on the usual suspects, and they should be chiming in shortly.


Ralph, you are the man. Inspirational and always right on. Glad you taught us the way, way back when..
Artie B amaze and inspire me! Sending you warm positive energy!!
Erin K

Nice man really nice!!!! Joey GITV hats off once again! And Ralph brother much love.

Nice piece Ralph; I think that is the first time I have seen a video of you surfing!!
Rick M

Great video, Ralph!  It brought tears to our eyes.


Judith and John

P.S.  We couldn’t believe that was the Patriots we were watching.  So, now who do we hope for in the Super Bowl?

I want Green Bay to win...

Hey Ralph

First, finally got my new DVD player this past week and watched The Run -R. Another good one! Great footage ..and nice little jam sesh in the intro.

Q I got for you: I just got that Powershot camera you recommended. The instructions suggest soaking the camera in plain water for one hour after use in salt water. Sounds way extreme to me and wanted to ask what you do. I figure a good rinse will do it but wanted to ask the guru.



I soak mine for an hour each time.

January 17, 2011


Hope the weather wasn’t too bad for you the past few days after last week’s ass kicking. Speaking of which, what happened yesterday?  The Jets defense had the answers, those short passes that allowed the Pats receivers to run fro yardage didn’t work. No question the pressure on Brady changed everything. 

At this point I’m liking Aaron Rodgers and hope he can erase any mention of Farve.

What say you?


I say nothing...

Hey Brother great column this week!
I had to laugh at the driveway bit as my dad is the same way always was not a drop of snow on the driveway w/ no snow blwer though he would shovel every 20 minutes during a storm so it wouldn't accumulate. TOO funny I have to say i laughed even more when i realized that has rubbed off on me as well- hate to say it but it is the Italian in us ;)

That's funny...

Pats were horrible tonight .. and Brady in particular.  He looked like a frightened rookie, not a multi-million dollar veteran.  Embarassing.  If you run into him in Costa Rica tell him thanks for ruining my Sunday. Next year I won't waste my time...

Tim B

OK I'll tell him ...

January 16, 2011

"Just want to say the Pats loss may have been partially my fault too. My dad called after the first quarter and told me to I might want to switch chairs (get out of my good luck chair) because it wasn't working. So I moved around (went from chair, to couch, ...stood, ..lay on the floor weeping...).So it may have been not all you."

OK you take partial blame.

January 14, 2011


Watched the movie, awesome, best one yet…..Loved the Molly extras as well.
Do you have any SUP pics from that day with Raimana or Wingnut?Clay from the SUP Journal is looking for some for a New England Story.
Pats 38 Jets 13   That’s my take

Can’t Wait!!!!!
My studio will be done end of next week. You’ll be my first guest to break it in…


Thanks Crop...not sure about that score...

Thats awesome Ralph. Great day yesterday. Thank you.

Joe C

Thank you Joe...I think you'll come up with something really nice.

January 13, 2011


Being from Minnesota I have been in some cold ass weather. You are one crazy cold assed (I mean that literally) surf nut.

Good on ya mate. I have had this bad cold/flu for over a month & this makes me cringe. I surfed some days at dawn in the 30’s on the beach and kept it going but nothing like this.


Pretty cold out there Wally.

January 12, 2011 are a monster, Ralph.  I bet you sleep well. 


z-z-z-z--z what's that?

Uda definitely the man.
When I think it is cold here, I think of what you deal with and all of a sudden 42 degree air 50 degree water is troppo.
More power to you!
I'm sure I will hear from you by Sunday.

Pretty rad today...and my Patriots are too!

You are amazing! Tough as nails.  As David said, "If Ralph had been on one of the 9/11 planes, that plane never would have gone down.


Not sure about that...but thank you.

My phrostbitten, phanatical brother, you are too, too much. Just so we are clear, as point of reference, you exist at the OPPOSITE end of the surfing spectrum.

We have beachbreaks here in Caycuos. I have virtually completely forsworn them these last few years. If it’s not a point break, reef break, or some isolated thing of wonder, I have little interest.

And…………… waves are warmer, more conducive, more easily ‘had’.

Still…………………………..I have no interest.

That you can muster up the nutsack to soldier on in that type of horrendous environment? It’s nothing short of inspiring.

That said, if you see a man with a large net running down the beach towards you?

I sent him,


Dude you are too funny. These conditions are home for us. This is our world. Not for you I understand that. But it's not what you think. It's worse.

Ralphie, I'd say unbelievable but I know you. Say, you didn't get stopped by the "authorities" today did you? Another FB friend said a guy at Magnolia Beach was stopped surfing...?
Bethie (Oregon)

Thanks Beth.

I was thinking about you today. You are amazing!

No you guys are amazing!

Awesome and Gabby did a great job with the pictures ~ still looks f'n cold! lol

Thank you and Gabby has been great!

Love what your doing........ You really are THE MAN !!!!

Mike M

Thanks Mike

I saw him surfing...
Julie C

Yes you did...

FYI -- The north part of the cove across from my old house by Costello's used to be our closeout barrel spot on a huge day when everything else was out of control.... good luck today Ralph


Thanks TC...I know the spot.

Capt Ralph...where in the world did you surf today?  Your secret is safe with me, sir!


Ha! You know where.

well, that is PRECISELY what I was going to write, (but you did it for me, David).....anyway, Ralph, be safe out there!!!! Is anyone catching you on camera?...You're the MAN, by the way..


Always safe, but thank you.

I will be thinking about you catching your wave today.
Dave M

It was not that bad...

I'm pulling out my 7 mil Pajamas And whipping out my 8. 0 electric blanket.... I'm gonna tear this storm to shreds!  ZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!"

Ken S

Too funny...

January 11, 2011

How come you didn't stick Stanek in the blatant drop in of the week section?  Clearly he was dropping in on that guy in the tube sequence you ran.

Brian C

I can only prosecute so many surf crimes...his time is coming.

"I'm not superstitious, but this year July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays. This apparently happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So Copy this to your status and money will arrive within 4 days - Based on Chinese Feng Shui. The one who does not copy,... will be without money."

Thom M

DOH I should of listened to you...

January 10, 2011

Just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone as we hit our one year marker on 01/11/11. It's been a year of powder, waves, Haiti, morning coffee's and van rides... caribbean adventures, Maine lifegaurds and police officers who don't appreciate riding hand rails.

Today is gonna be a big celebration for LaVecchia, Carter and myself. We have had the time of our life making it all come together.

We just wanted to invite you into the celebration game by posting any madness you had in mind all over our facebook page we would love to hear your loves and hates from year one and what you look forward to in the next year to come. We will be doing giveaways online all day so stay tuned in.

Above all... today we invite you to get in your own van on national day. Go ride, surf, skate, drink, nap... or whatever it is you do that gets you out of the house. Thank you for a great year!

Brian Nevins

Congrats to you Nick and Joey!

yeah bud I wish I had more time when I was up there and not so beat up! I had about 24 hours in NH that trip surfed my brains out but what hurt me so bad was the day before in NJ. Full day of getting beat to crap....

anywyas next time I get up there Id love to catch up more man. I cant wait to see your trailer I'll peep it next

super pumped to hear the song re mixed.


Hurt or not hurt you were still killing it.


That’s funny you posted the pic this week, I surfed there this past November 15th. Every November I have a CE class in Honolulu, Robin and I usually go to Kauai for four or five days before or after but couldn’t this year so I flew over solo Sunday the 14th and came home Friday the 19th. One of my Namotu buddies was born, raised and still lives in Kailua and is “in” on the North Shore. He’s taken me out in way too big Sunset before and on the 15th it was the opening day of the Triple Crown at Halewia with the buoys chiming at 10’ @ 17sec. Kalani thought it was in our best interest to charge out to Himalayas since there was only five guys out (he knew them all) and a guarantee the waves would only be bigger further up the coast( plus Lani’s & Jacko’s were overloaded). I used one of his 8’6” Brewer guns and it took 45 minutes before I took off on my first wave. In two hours I caught 4 waves, he was calling it 6’ to 8’ but you know what we’d call it. I made all four waves despite the monster drop and avoided getting mauled too badly. We watched the boys at Pipe and Sunset pull into sick giant barrels.

Kalani has hooked me up with Dick Brewer and over the past year and a half he’s shaped me four boards and had long time North Shore glasser Jack Reeves glass each of them. Jack’s shop is across the street from Sunset so Kalani took me there to meet the master and gawk at the boards under construction. It was quite a day which your pic reminded me of.

Keep up the good work my man!

Dougie H. (California)

Nothing like that stretch of sand on that Island

January 9, 2011

Hi Ralph, here's a link to a short film I made with some NH longboarding in it.  I've got your "Groovemasters" film on the shelf so I was interested in any constructive critiques you may have.  Thanks!

...I like dit. It was good. Keep surfing keep shooting.

Hey Ralph,   This season is going off in a big way with heavy coverage and much more up stream.   Loving your site and visit it daily.. Great job staying tough!!!  As I am 500 miles from the nearest surf shop, and 2500 miles from the nearest East Coast surf shop, I was wondering if I could send you a check to acquire a copy of your new flick. If that is a possibility, would you please send me the pertinent info and I will be on it forthwith.   Keep up the Vibe,  Peace Out.


Thanks Powers...and yes, send a check and I'll send you a DVD

Victor just called. Linda passed away last night at 10PM. Cancer takes another. All of you who smoke take this as yet another warning. Cancer kills. If you smoke. Cancer will kill you.
There are NO services. She is being cremated and her ashes will be buried along side her husband Mike (*who also died of smoking). There, they will spread their ashes (made up of Marlboros and human remains) into the fresh air and create pretty smoke rings in the sky.

Sorry for being so harsh. But as most of you know I'm doing a Fundraiser for Cancer. It's one thing to have an innocent 5 year old die of cancer, it's another to have stubborn and stupid adults knowingly kill themselves.

Smoke them if you got em...just don't smoke around me.


January 8, 2011

Do you have anymore of those Surf Free or Die stickers? I had to change out my car in Florida and have a couple of new surfboards down there that are wanting for stickers.

The shops have them Mark.

January 5, 2011

"I can only imagine. Just getting in and out of the rubber must be a chore. "
Bill C.

"ralph i thought about u this morning wen i looked at the wave i was thinkin how in the world is he gonna get his wave today"

doug s.

These are the hardest days...

"Ya, but you are doing it and the rest of us working stiffs only wish we had the balls to pull off a surf every day. Oorah!"


I guess so..

January 4, 2011

Hey dad!
How's Patchy doing?
I noticed some more of my photos made your blog! The ones of you doing the driveway! I want to take more pictures, I like doing it!
Hope you have a good day, and keep warm during your wave! ...And that Patch cooperates with you when you go to do the eye drops!
I love you!

Those snow blowing shots are great. I love you too Gabby.

January 3, 2011

Thanks for adding our Xmas Days pictures to this weeks column. I was away for the weekend and decided to send you some more pictures from the Frozen Tundra. My cousins Tom invited us to a weekend of New Years parties as well as the Packer Game. We put a sign together just for you much like a "Kilroy was here" theme. Hope you like it. My wife Patty and I had a blast.

Pretty cool...


Thanks, and great column this week!

Sorry about the spot-naming thing. That totally slipped my mind and I'll make sure to remember it in the future. It was neat to see Stanek's same wave caught on film from a different angle, although you two must have been far enough down the parking lot that I didn't see either of you shooting. It was a pretty busy place that afternoon!

Hoping 2011 is treating you well,

We have almost as many photogs these days as we do surfers.

We are asking everyone to say a prayer for "Darkhorse" 3rd Battalion 5th Marines and their families.
They are fighting it out in Afghanistan & they have lost 9 marines in 4 days.
IT WOULD BE NICE TO SEE the message spread if more could pass it on.
Nothing in the media about these guys:
        Justin Allen, 23,
        Brett Linley, 29,
        Matthew Weikert, 29,
        Justus Bartett, 27,
        Dave Santos, 21,
        Chase Stanley, 21,
        Jesse Reed, 26,
        Matthew Johnson, 21,
        Zachary Fisher, 24,
        Brandon King, 23,
        Christopher Goeke, 23,
        Sheldon Tate, 27,
 All are Marines that gave their lives for YOU this week. 
 Please Honor THEM by forwarding this.  I just did.

We all thank them all for their sacrifice...and their families. SEMPER FI my Brothers

January 1, 2011

"the groms were ripping ankle flappers at Jenness for 2 hours today, no warm!"

Jon A

That's cool. It was so FREAKING warm today...!

Love the cards, Ralphie!  Hope your 2011 is the best yet!  Love to you and the family!


Thanks Bethie we love you too!