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August 30, 2010

Hey Ralph,

Yesterday morning (Sunday) I was out at the wall on my shortboard and 
I heard someone saying "shark" and pointing off a little ways ... sure 
enough there was a big fin. 4 or 5 guys saw it. I was not too worried 
because there were a number of longboarders sitting outside of me but 
it was kind of creepy. Now, no one went in but we all kind of ended up 
in a little group for a few minutes comparing notes. Have you ever 
seen anything like this? Luckily it was before the guards were out, 
the last thing we want is our beaches closed.

Hope all is well, great blog this weekend & I hope you are getting 
some good waves.


That's a great DROPPING IN ON RALPH email...yes I've seen sharks over the years at the Wall. Mostly Basking or Nurse sharks, with the occasional Sand Shark. Do you know what kind of shark it was?

Thank you for the Blog comments and yes I've been getting good waves...


August 30, 2010

Dawn patrol was worth it this am.Head high + with lots of juice and a good offshore.Rest of the week looks good.Looks like RI will get the best of it.

Mike (Massachusetts)

Where is Rhode Island?

August 30, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Once again your hard work made for a great Hit the Beach III.

I think this year was by far the most physically demanding on the volunteers; the waves were a little bigger, we put more surfers in the water, and the pace was faster. On land we had a bigger group to keep equipped, fed, and comfortable. The fact the event went off without a hitch is a testament to all of your efforts.

Big thanks to Lenny Nichols, who supplied the tents, ruled the water, and even drove the boards back to the shop. Ralph for securing the site, working with the town, and making the Vets feel welcome. Cinnamon Rainbows, Pioneers, and Summer Sessions for the generous donation of equipment, and Flatbread and Post 35 for the great food.

Ralph, Cory and Ed O'Connell took some great pictures which can be found on Ralph's wrap-up on his blog:

I didn't have everyone's email, so if someone could forward this to Jimmy Dunn, Mike and Nate from Hampton Fire and Rescue, and Roger from HomeBase I would appreciate it. I hope everybody got a little bit of Danielle, enjoy the rest of the season...


b. michael taylor

Thanks to you and Linda...we're going to miss you guys..

August 24, 2010

Ralph --

I see you didn't devour any stripers or jellyfish today...that's good (they say to cut down on the mercury these days). Either way, I'm a newbie -- and pretty much stick to  Cables, Jeness, and The Wall. But what's this infamous left you speak of? Whereabouts is it?

-Keep it up


You gotta be kidding me? When I started surfing, there no websites, surf cams, cell phones, weather channel, surf reports, and people who gave up secret spots...I guess I'm still old school cuz I'll never say where. Mostly because, I wouldn't want to rob you of your imagination or discovery soul.

August 24, 2010

Hey Ralph, I took some shots of the surf at the r- - -s this morning, thought you might like to have a look.Let me know how the quality and size came out. (Oh yea, and I attached one from the other night..before the storm)
It was super fun, I went out right after I shot these for about an hour.  Got a ton of waves and surfed with all the usual suspects.  Stevie O'hara, Johnny Meehan, Mark Jowitz,  Peter Stokes and Johnny Reynolds (his son Perry was ripping..)
It was so good to get back in the water here, I fly out tomorrow to go back west.  I had a great trip, so great to see you and thanks again!
God's best and mine,
Steve Dillon

These are great! I surfed the R- - - s today by myself for about 45 minutes. It was high tide but still plenty big enough and fun enough. I went up to see you and your Mom today at Southside and you had left. I'm glad I got to surf with you on your first day back.  Be safe and stay true to the path you are on my brother.
God Bless you and your family.

Your friend and fellow surfer, artist, and photographer.


August 24, 2010

Hey Ralph
I read with mild bemusement your column this week. I was out Mon or perhaps Tues (old age is setting in and I can't distinguish the days anymore!!!) at 14th st with really fun head high low tide waves couple of old time locals were out along with a thousand  kooks. I was out on a brand new 9-0 epoxy fish (finally a fish for a fat guy!!) that I had bought for Christine. I like it so much  I may end up regretting giving it to her. At any rate after dealing with kooks all day, getting hit a couple of times and dropped in on countless times and not saying anything  I finally had enough when I was taking off on a left...  clear sailing when a guy who wasn't close to being in the wave jumped off his board and pushed it right in my way... the crash wasn't pretty and Christine's board had a HUGE ding in it. I finally lost my patience and asked "what the fuck are you doing dude?"  He said he was trying to get out of my way!!!!! I just paddled away in disgust. If I was younger my response would have been quite a bit harsher. I have never asked anyone to fight but I have NEVER said no when invited so I can totally relate to your situation last week. I am happy for you and all involved that they paddled away from you as fighting on the beach is really ugly. You showed some real restraint when walking up to them and talking to them on the beach I am not sure I could have done the same. Everyone who wants to surf has the right to learn but a little common sense would go a long way
Dave C

Thanks Dave. I guess I was more in shock by the series of events that unfolded so quickly around me. It really caught me off guard. That and the fact that I have been secretly working out to the point where I feel I am in as good of shape as I have been in almost 15-20 years.
So had we gotten into a jam, I might of really hurt someone.
Suffice it to say, I'm glad it ended the way it did.

Sorry about your board. And happy that neither one of us had to deal with violence.

Surf is good by the way...I surfed the R- - - s at 6' plus by myself this afternoon.


August 23, 2010


The Wedge is going off!  Attached are some shots of Billabong rider Spencer Pirdy charging down the line on some huge ones, and some bodyboarders dropping peaks well over head.  Should have a new and potentially bigger swell hitting Wed-Fri...I'll keep you posted!

Been great reading the Molly blog.  Great work, keep it up!
Ben (California)

Thanks Ben. The thing about the Wedge is it is one of those timeless spots. No one gets tired of watching it do it's thing. Some people have made it their life's calling. While others like us, just sort of marvel at it's freakness and power. Thanks again for keeping your finger on the pulse.

August 23, 2010

Katie sent me an email the other day and,....... imagine my suprise! Vince!! Every day I see the pic somebody took when we were skating at that parking lot in Saugus. You and me and Mike and Charlie. It's framed and in my studio. I tell my grandkids about it. Good memories. I checked out your website as well. I always loved your wave paintings. I remember the one on your wall in that apartment on the North Shore. It was cool to see all the photos. Mike an Peter and Bruz and Jeff and all. You may not remember but I also built a board in Mike's cellar. A blue one. It was fun to see the old O.C.V.A. and I remember Manson as well. I'm glad too see you are still surfing. I always knew you would be. I got to say though, you get to look more like Gus all the time.
      Anyway write back and we'll catch up. Typing is bitch for me now but it's worth it. By the way, if you're ever going to in Florida you should come and visit. I live near St. Pete so there's no waves really, but Sebastion inlet is not that far away.
                                                                As always, I like the way I'm up here.


Man it's been quite some time.
I've been in touch with Mike a few times. You guys have got to be pushing 60 now...damn!

So I take it you have been going through my website. There's an archives page that covers the last 7 years. I had written about you in my art column last week. Did you see that? I think about those funny little Murphy like cartoons we did in Briscoe. You must remember those.

So why did you go to Florida? Move back to New England. The surf is better!
Ralph "Vince" Fatello

August 23, 2010

Ralph,Boy do I remember those days, “one last surf before you go”, “one last dinner before you go”, “one last lunch with Dad/Mom before you go”. I could feel your pain and excitement in this weeks Blog.


They all have to leave the nest sooner or later. Glad we got to surf one more time. .

August 23, 2010

I was making the point on how compelling your column is. Which, btw, was absolutely hilarious and spell-binding as I read along about the kook confrontation. You handled it well. Could have been ugly but it wasn't. I love the part where you were paddling back to the beach eating jellyfish and stripers.... too funny.

Glad you got a few laughs...

August 23, 2010

Good Morning-
 I hope things are going well with the "Catch a Wave for Molly".   It's an ambitious undertaking for a great cause.   I check the surf cams and forecast on the CR website every day with you in mind.
 I saw you at the wall last week. My daughter had just picked up a 5 Star board Dave had made for her.   She's only 8 years old, so it's a mini long board and she was anxious to try it out.  I would have introduced myself, but it looked like you had just come out of the water and you were talking to a couple of guys. When I checked again, you were just getting into the Jeep.   Maybe next time! 
- Joe W

Thanks for the kind words. The undertaking has been easy so far, but I know what's coming.
That's great news about your daughter, nothing quite like getting a new board at any age.
I hope she enjoys the board and the waves she catches with it.

August 23, 2010

"Maybe my razor sharp teeth had something to do with it. Or the fact that during my swim, I ate several jelly fish and a few stripers who swam in my path."

I just spat coffee all over my computer screen. Thanks.  Haha

Hard to believe some people are so blatantly clueless....I'm mortified when I accidentally get in someone's way,  paddling over as soon as I can to apologize. Especially with locals -- just because  I want the people who are there the most to see me and not think "oh god, this guy again") . Can't believe someone gave you that much guff. 

Keep up the good fight!


Got a few chuckles from that line. Glad you got one. As funny as it was, it was equally disturbing that some one would say that shit to me, and then challenge me to a fight. Are you kidding me? If he only knew...

August 22, 2010

It's Sunday evening. Something is nagging at me in my mind- that Ralph has the new column up and I haven't read it. It's like driving down the road and all the sudden traffic slows down because drivers in front of you are rubber-necking instead of paying attention to the road.
We try to resist the temptation to look but we can't help it. For some unknown reason, we are compelled to find out what is going on on the side of the road and take at least one look.

Well, that's what Sunday's are like for me and the Ralph Pic of the Week web-zine. Sometimes I don't want to read yet another page of Ralph's view of the world around us or how many weeks in a row we have had barely any surf. But I can't help it. I want to know what is going on in his mind this week as much I need to see how bad the crash was. I can't wait to see who got humiliated this week in the Blatant Drop-In section (kind of like the funnies in the Sunday paper), I look forward to Bernie Baker's photography, and Brian's and Ed's and Ralph's, and the art of Hannah Vokey and Erik Zack and pics of all my surf buddies like Stanek on some new whiz-board he just concocted, Lenny glaring at a yakker like a UFC prize-fighter on a surfboard, or Doc "the Mayor" shredding or doing a headstand on his longboard and last but not least, the new Suppo and Kook-eh cartoon.

So many characters, so much talent, such a good scene reflected through the pics and stories and rants of Ralph every Sunday- kind of like the Sunday New York Times for New Hampshire surf community- "All the surf news that's occasionally not fit to print".
And it's free. And it weighs a lot less than the Sunday Times. And yes, you have to look. You just can't help it.

John C.

How much do Iowe you for this review? Thanks John.

August 17, 2010


Checking in from Heidelberg Germany. Every year the Surf Art column blows me away, but this year was even more fantastic, some great stuff. Glad to see you and Max got some tasty waves before he went off to college. I have been following your daily quest, it seems those near flat crowded summer days may be as bad as the frigid lonley winter sessions, great job. See you in a few weeks.


We miss you guys. Glad you're keeping in touch with my daily babble.
And as always, I'm happy to hear the annual Art column struck a nerve
within your artistic soul.

What did you think of my Characters SUPPO and KOOK-EH? Pretty funny huh!
I'm seriously thinking of doing a monthly cartoon based on those two characters

Talk with you soon. Be safe and  Say hi to Cathy

August 16, 2010

Thanks for posting the photo of Thomas.  We all got a big kick out of seeing him with his outrageous facial on your page.
Enjoying your blog.  I joined the "should've known better" club when for the past two days I surfed at Nauset Beach without a leash.  It is attached to my other board which has been bagged up  in the shed and out of mind.  Today the swell was surprisingly juicy and thick, and a leash would've helped save a couple of swims.  But all in all a chance to man up and stretch the muscles was well received.  Nice to get some significant waves here in August.
Tom H

We' all gotta swim sooner or later.

August 16, 2010

Ralph, The water this morning was 57!! We have had no warmth this summer. However the waves have been fun!!!

Phil (Southern Cal)
We've had lots of warm water days.

August 16, 2010

Thanks for the props and as usual - great blog work.  You keep me really connected to a place I miss so much. 
Things are doing well here but the season is wrapping up surf wise.  Time to break out the rod and reel and go hunt Tuna until November or the odd huricane slips under Jamaica. 
Best to you and the family...Aloha to the tribe. 
Stan (Pananma)

Thank you for some more original Stan Chew surf art. I can't wait to sample your dream.

August 16, 2010

Keep the animation on the weekly blog.  It's great, and quite possibly will
assist some of the people who spend a tiny amount of time in the water, but
ride "crafts" larger than some boats......getting "dicey" out in the summer
line-ups.... Have witnessed some unbelievable "close calls" this summer in

Am I getting older, or more experienced when I say, " I can't wait for
school to start?"

Hey, can't complain about the weather, but great weather means small surf in
many cases..... Been a super fun summer all round.

Congratulations on taking the initiative to surf a wave a day for Molly.
I hope to contact you and join you for a wave at some point this
fall/winter.....that is, if you enjoy company.

Best wishes for Max as he makes his way into College.
I have nothing but great memories of those days, skied on a NCAA division 1
team and really enjoyed the whole experience.
He appears to be a"stand up " guy and has obviously learned well from you.
I really enjoyed reading his quotes in various papers regarding football &
Lacrosse game wrap-ups over the course of last year.  He is very quotable
and keeps it "real".  Hell of an athlete and will do very well at the next
level if he so desires.

You must be very proud!!

Pray for surf!!

-Brian D

Thanks Brian. I think I'll do a monthly cartoon, as a weekly is too labor intensive. I'm barely able to keep it going as it is...

Thanks on all the kind words on Max etc etc...I'd be happy to share a wave with you.
Lord knows I'm not going anywhere for the next year. Best to you and the family.

August 16, 2010

Hey Ralph,

My name is Matt T and I follow your whenever I get some free time at work and its some good stuff. I just saw that you had a pic of me on in your gallery from Monday the 9th..  I dont really get a chance for anybody to take any photos, so I was wondering if I could throw you some money for when I get a chance.  I would also like to let you know that I admire your 365 surfing charity for Molly, it really shows charecter.  Keep up the good work with the blog and thanks for the photo.  Surfing heals all wounds!!

Good Day

Matt T

Thanks Matt, I sell pics all the time. Just send a check for $20 with a return address
and I'll get you a high res version of yourself.

August 12, 2010

Hi Ralph,
Thanks for all the cool pics and espiecally the new england surf dvds.  I just found out about them from the clerk at Cinnamon Rainbows.  They are out of the dvds.  Do you know of any way I can surf one into my dvd player at home?  Im a Massachusetts based surfer, riding for about 15 years in Oregon, Hawaii, California, Delaware, New York, Maine, Mass, and of course NH.  Some local surf flare dvd longboard styly would be amazing.  (Im kinda tired of the mega surf industry mentawai boat and australian footage).  I just ordered the NJ based "What Exit?" and "What exit 2" surf vhs's.  That's cool and all, but Im kinda fond of 'The Wall'  So, can you hook me up?
Sam F

Thanks for the kind words. As far as hooking you up ...Absolutely.
Go to my other site and tell me which ones you want and I'll get them for you. I have one that is strictly a Longboard movie.
It's called GROOVEMASTERS. Let me know...I have a mess of movies.

August 12, 2010

Hey, that was nice, BUT NOW, WHAT ABOUT ME?!   
Yeah, I saw 'em. We all have our past adventures and cool stories. One of the very coolest parts of surfing is finding new spots, or at least, that's what our generation thought. Not sure as many surfers care about that stuff today, but they've grown up in a diff world.
But, like the saying goes, 'WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY?!' When I get that boat, if I don't discover a good half dozen NEW, high quality surf spots in the coming year, IT WON'T BE FROM LACK OF TRYING , PERSONAL MOTIVATION, OR DEVOTION TO THE CAUSE.
Cuz I am-
The Phantom,

That you are...

August 10, 2010

Good to see you today in the water.  Wishing you a belated "good luck" and "good on ya," for taking on the 365 day challenge.  I was in the dark on your quest until I read the blog today.  I think it is an awesome adventure.  See you in the water soon, I hope,
Tom H.
PS:  Thomas was thoroughly entertained by your berating of the blind surfer.  That was a nice courtroom scene.
PSS:  What water camera are you using?  I have gone through 2 Olympus Stylus Toughs that crapped out after less than a year.

Thank you for the kind words. That camera is a Canon D-10. It's 12.1 mega pixels. As far as the BDI incident. I was embarrassed by my actions today. That's not the way I should be acting in front of kids. Please tell Thomas for me, that what I did should not be looked on as anything even close to entertainment. That guy was wrong by what he did, and what he said to me. But my reaction was equally wrong. I went in and spoke with him afterwards.

They were basically clueless. But thankful that I took the time to explain my actions and point out the errors of their way. They were both wrong. At least we all left on the right page.

August 10, 2010

The work you posted (some of your art) on the column this week is AWESOME. I love (LOVE!) the pen and ink drawing!!! So good! You should be submitting stuff like that to one or more of the major surf mags. They'd love it!


Thanks Hannah...I might just do that. end

August 9, 2010

It’s funny. I used to worship this photo. This is 70’s technology. Damn bitchen, and damn desirable. But………..the new rig? There’s 40 years of subtle improvements hidden in that design. If you know how to ‘look’, they’re plain to see.

SO STOKED on how this is all turning out.

And this whole build thing? As bitchen, life-changing, and life-affirming as it’s been…’s chump change compared to what’s going to go on personal-experience-wise when this is all done and we’re ready to go?

Get your business straightened out, find the flexibility that you deserve, and prepare for the New Priority. It’s yours and my last lap around the track, so let’s make this happen and get some shit going on that we’ll be talking about into our 80’s.

This is THE decade coming up.

Any other thing you see coming is just your mind de-focusing from what IS.You are a race driver down to his last five gallons, a scuba diver down to his last five minutes of air,an El Capitan cliff climber down to his last rope coil of 100’.

Fuck golf. Fuck detractions, fuck excuses, fuck side roads. This is our Last Hurrah, and we are going to make this apple SHINE! You know what Flippy would do, it’s time to hold up our end of the mystery.


The Phantom

Whoa...slow down there Capn...I'm in for the 2012 winter!

August 8, 2010

Thank you for the interview.....The people at loved the story ! And the pics...Hope it gets you some donations.....Sorry to hear you got hurt...Good luck on the rest of the year!

Thanks Wendy.

August 7, 2010


July pumped down here and I think I could count the days under waist high on one hand. Anyways thanks for throwing up that photo of that empty peak with my instructor Jillian Fraker that Carden sent you for the July 26th pic of the week... that day was chest to head high! Also those shots that were credited to Chris Infantes were all shot by me way back in July sometime on his moms camera. Where the hell did you find those? He threw them up on his Facebook account and I assumed he sent them to you but he had no idea that they were on your site!

Also if you are looking for undeniable evidence of waist high plus waves in New England from the week of July 25-31 I may have some. It was actually the smallest week we had all summer but we had a day or two with some waist plus...  

Plus two shots from Friday Aug 6th
This poor little grom, Dylan Olivia is so tiny that he has to wear a 4/3 when the rest of us are in trunks but he sure makes the waves look bigger!

Christian del Rosario

Thanks Christian, you're killing me with these pics.

August 6, 2010

Hey Ralph,
Here is my surf art for your colmn coming up.  I read your blog and 
dig your pics every week and cannot wait to see my pieces featured on 
your site.  It's great that you advocate the surf art.  Your own 
pieces (photos and paintings) have indeed inspired my pursuit to paint 
surf.  The first piece attached is A)Cher Babe Barrel B) Oil on canvas 
C) Phill Munson is the artist for all the pieces.  Next piece A) Ragin 
Cutty B) Oil on canvas, then A) Blastoff B)Oil on wood, then A) Boar's 
Head B) Oil on canvas, and finally A) untitled B) Oil on canvas.  I 
hope everything is formatted properly and I look forward to seeing 
everyone elses pieces next week.
Thank you,
Phill M.

I'm happy to hear that Phil. Thanks for sending these in.

August 4, 2010

Hey Ralph,

I think I am the older guy you referred to in your July 26th blog entry as
we were standing with Wingnut on the beach and possibly you mis-understood
my statement.

I stand by the thought that winter surfing here is great, because it is.
The waves are larger and more consistent, and there are no crowds.  Yes the
water is cold, and the air is cold.  But, the gear is excellent and IF you
have the right gear, a good two hour session followed by a hot shower; that
is living the good life.

However, I agree with you that IF you are committed to surfing EVERY day,
and I admire your most recent commitment, no matter the conditions;  10
degrees with a 30 knot wind or worse.... That is not a "Piece of Cake" and
not what I was referring to.  Sorry if you thought I would denigrate such an

Keep up the good work and see you at the beach.

Best regards,


Guilty as charged. Yes you were the one . But I purposely didn't use your name.
As a weekly writer, I am always looking for angles and ideas for my column. Your statement
stayed with me for days. It was the perfect opening to my announcement of my undertaking.

I know, you know the truth.

Speaking of the truth, these first 10 days have in fact, been a piece of cake. But I know what's coming. And I am ready as I'll ever be.

August 4, 2010

Ralph, I love your photos of the Sunday Minis.great perspective! 
You got lots of talent! 


Thanks...those are fun to shoot.

August 3, 2010

Cody Doolittle dies after Skitching

Hi Jeff,

I am asking that you forward this e-mail to Sam George & Robert Girard for me.  In fact forward to every person you know with the hope that lives are saved! I am sending it to Ralph too knowing he will do his part on the East coast. It is my hope that collectively with all the people they/we know we can get a public service movement going to save some lives. I am talking about the “Word” coming from people respected in this industry. People that are hip, cool etc that tell kids/young adults Skitching kills. This ride is beyond stupid & so not worth it. Tony Hawk, Stacy P & all their protégées getting the word out.

I am just sick as I write this message to you today. My wife was there when Cody was born. His mom used to watch my kids. As I looked at my 2 year old grand kids this morning I cried. I can not imagine the pain Cody’s mom feels today. The years raising him to be the fine young man he was –his whole life ahead of him & then this.

I feel the strong need to eliminate this pain from as many families & loved ones as possible.

Thank you,



I am so sorry to hear about this senseless loss. I've never even heard of this stunt before. It does not surprise me though. I am always scared for today's youth.  All the extreme sports seem to constantly push the envelope. I hate to hear about stuff like this. Makes me so uneasy.

I'll do my part here on the East Coast. If it saves one kid, it's worth it.

Again, I am sorry for your loss. And I hope the pain lessens for all who knew Cody.

Best regards


August 3, 2010

WADDA KOUNTRY-You just gave me flash backs....I feel sick to my stomach.....that place is disgusting.  If that add comes on the radio with my daughter in the car I plan on turning it down so she doesn't get brainwashed into wanting to go.  Do you think it will be possible to deny its existence?  I will hold out as long as possible....

TC (Maine)

Ha! Good luck. Seriously, it was something my wife and I had to endure for years. They all finally grew out of it...but I'm afraid you'll have to deal with it like the rest of us surf parents.

It's all part of parenthood my friend.

I hope things are well with you and the family. Just think a few more years and you'll have her out on the boogie board and then...who knows? Enjoy it all.

August 3, 2010

What a great picture!  How’s the surfing going?

Donna (Massachusetts) 

Thanks, the surfing so far has been easy.

August 2, 2010

Just viewed your column, Congrats to Max on the shrine game. I have been going since I was a kid and plan
to saturday with my dad. I played in 88', great experience and one that makes a lasting impression when you
visit the kids in the hospital. My grandfather who recently passed was
a shriner and always bought tickets for everyone in the family.
It will be a great day!

Thanks Mike...We are looking forward to it...

August 2, 2010

Nice photo,but who's the old dude in the red shirt?

John F. (Massachusetts)

Why ya gotta be so hurtful?

August 2, 2010

Hi Ralph,

I've really been enjoying your "Catch a wave for molly" posts. It's inspiring. Especially from the vantage point of someone who isn't quite local (i make the drive over from Manchester every day there are waves). I took up surfing in the area about 2 years ago and have been amazed at how kind everyone in the community can be, so long as at least an effort is made to show some etiquette and respect.

I noticed in your post that you take advantage of multiple wave cams. I'm only aware of the one  accessed via Cinnamon Rainbow's website.  Would you be willing to share any links for any other cams in the area?

Also....I heard this on the radio last week. A book called "Kook: life's lessons learned on a surfboard". While i might be much more of a kook than you, today's Molly Post ( and mention of our friends from up north)  inspired me to pass the link along. Might be a good read....and the interview with the writer at this link is good as well.

Keep up the good work. I may be out of commission for the summer, but perhaps I'll recognize that gorgeous black board out there this winter (can't honestly call myself a surfer in new hampshire and not surf in the winter, can I?)

take care


Thanks for the kind words Mark. I'm happy to hear people have been tolerable to you. That wasn't always the case round these parts.


P.S. Every shop has a wave cam...

August 2, 2010

Your newsletter had me cracking up this morning! The Wadda Kountry bit. Brought back memories of summer trips to Paragon Park in Hull back in the 70's.


Those parks were all the same. A nightmare for surfers.

August 2, 2010


Just wanted to drop you a line on your mission for Molly…It is a great thing you are doing and I knowIt is much harder than it looks to most people. I know you will do it and do it well!! As you have said, we have all been touched

By this disease…great cause..prayers and strength be with you..

Also, do you need any help with the Wounded Vets at the end of August? I’m not a Vet, but would love to help in the water
If needed…


Mike G

Thanks Mike, I apperciate the support.

August 2, 2010


Greetings from Linkoping Sweden. About to head out this morning for Oland for a surf check some relaxing beach time after a long weekend at the races.

I have been following your daily surf quest and was glad to see that last week brought you some waist high prouduct.

Having a great adventure so far, hope all is well with you. keep up the good work.

Ed and Kathy (Sweden)

I'm stoked Ed, that you can be half way around the world, and still keep in touch.

August 1, 2010

 Whats great is that they have been bugging me for a year or more about taking them to surf and this all happened within minutes... All three we standing and as excited as we all were about standing and riding our very first wave...I don't have to tell you how it makes me feel you have been there my friend...My girls never had the desire like these three do and its over the top for me..

I'm really stoked for you and the triplets. Nothing quite like it.

August 1st, 2010

Wow, what an honor. I'll send Max a message on facebook. He must be beside himself. You and Cory must be so proud if him.


Yes we are. We're proud of all our kids.